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The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is under attack.

Through a "Death by a Thousand Cuts," the ABC is a shadow of its former self, and ABC Friends National is conducting an Australia-wide campaign to restore funding and save its independence.

Our campaign needs boosting

With just two part-time employees, and an army of volunteers, we created a very successful Federal Election Campaign. Our Social Media content reached millions of people, and helped put the fate of Our ABC on the political agenda.

Some parties included the restoration of full ABC funding in their party platforms. Now there is a new reality in the Australian Parliament, where cross-benchers will have a major influence. We need help to convince them of the importance, and popularity, of the ABC.

We now need to appeal to the cross-bench Members of Parliament

We have plans for a two-pronged approach:

1. Meet directly with many key Parliamentarians to explain how $100m per year in ABC funding cuts is impacting upon Australian culture, and asking them to support a restoration of funding.

2. The production of discreet new social media content aimed at helping convince them to restore ABC funding.

You can join the campaign

We think less than half of our ask will be enough to send a small team to regions and cities across Australia to directly meet with the many key Parliamentarians. It will also help us publish their responses on video if they agree.

The remaining half (or hopefully much more) will be spent on new social media content, which we'll send you in advance of launch if you like. Normally films like the ones we produce cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but we have an army of creative volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to our cause at cost, so we get much more "bang for your buck."

And here’s some terrific perks for supporting us:

Donate $25 to the campaign, and we'll send you some stickers, badges or a keyring.

For $50, we'll send you a cookbook as well, while stocks last

For a $100 donation, we'll send you the stickers, and a t-shirt

For any individual, or any company, willing to donate any more, we'll be happy to publish a special social media "thank you" note mentioning you to our tens of thousands of supporters and linking to you, as well as a prominent message in our "ABC Friends Update" to members.

Thank you so much

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