Help Save Rosny Hill

By Rosny Hill Friends Network Inc

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Some Context….

Rosny Hill Nature Recreation Area is public land on the eastern shore of the River Derwent, Tasmania - home to native orchids, lilies, grasses, groves of casuarina, prickly box, wattle, native cherry and hop, scattered white gums, wallabies,  bandicoots and a retreat for native birds.  

Rosny Hill is a great place for people of Clarence and Hobart to visit for fresh air, scenic viewing and walks. It’s Crown land reserved under Tasmanian legislation for public recreation, education and conservation - part of Australia’s National Reserve System.

The big problem is….

Despite overwhelming community opposition, in January 2020 Clarence City Council gave planning approval for a big development: a 60-room hotel, two large restaurants and massive new carpark on the upper slopes of Rosny Hill. 

This development would destroy a large part of the reserve, including areas of nationally endangered Lowland Native Grasslands of Tasmania and habitat for the endangered leafy sun-orchid (Thelymitra bracteata) and the rare grassland flaxlily (Dianella amoena). It would effectively privatise public land and ruin the area for people who want to visit for nature walks and other passive recreation. 

What we’re doing about it….

Our community group, Rosny Hill Friends Network Inc formed in 2015 to campaign against hotel development and for better environmental management of Rosny Hill. 

We’ve done letters, presentations, letterboxing, collected over 1500 signatures on a petition, addressed a packed public meeting and encouraged over 500 representations against the development. 

We’re not giving up - we’re determined to overturn the hotel approval! We’re appealing the decision in the Tasmanian Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal. 

We’ve been fund raising and, with the help of generous donors, have raised $50,000 to mount our legal appeal and progress our case. 

However, serious legal challenges are expensive and we’re still short of fighting funds.

We need your help please

Help us win our appeal against this big development on Rosny Hill. 

UPDATE - The hearing of our appeal was to start 7 September but has now been adjourned, date not yet determined.

We’re up against a major developer and the Council.  We're close to our target of $20,000 to fund a well-respected expert botanical witness, research and prepare legal, planning and ecological arguments. Importantly, we must maintain strong representation for up to a week at the Tribunal hearing  which is expected to be very adversarial and aggressive. 

These extra funds will help us fight this development and keep Rosny Hill as a place for nature and public recreation. Any donation, no matter how small, will help. 

This is an important case for local people and beyond.  Community concerns shouldn't be swept aside and public reserved land swallowed up for commercial development.  Reserves for nature consertvation and public recreation must be protected.

A big hotel on Rosny Hill would set a precedent for other nature reserves around Tasmania - they'd all be potential targets for large commercial development.

Please help us meet our target during September. Thanks so much!

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