Help replace Jaya's stolen bicycle

By Louisa Wales

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Jaya and Gwydion depend on their bike for transport everyday

Jaya and her young son Gwydion live a carless life, and depend on their electric cargo bike. Jaya rides Gwydion to school everyday on the bike, covering a distance too far to walk. She uses it for getting to work and in her busy life as a mother.

But last weekend, their bike was stolen - while securely locked up

Last week Jaya locked their bike up at the Hamilton Hill shops, using one of the dedicated metal bike racks near the Post Office. When she came out of the shops, the bike rack had been unbolted from the concrete path - and their bike was gone. This shocking theft happened in broad daylight on a busy morning. Despite this, no witnesses have come forward and Jaya and Gwydion are now without any form of transport.

Friends and community can help

Unwilling to see Jaya and Gwydion knocked down by this brazen theft of their crucially necessary bike, friends of theirs are asking you to donate towards this fund with the sole purpose being to replace their Yuba cargo bike and get Jaya and Gwydion back on their wheels.

Please show your support

Replacing their electric Yuba cargo bike with the back seat for Gwydion would cost $4300. (The photo above shows a bike similar to Jaya's stolen one) Local legends South Beach Cycles have offered to sell Jaya the bike at cost price of $4000 if we can raise the money, donating their time and $300 as well as a top quality bike lock.
If everyone who is upset that a hard working, creative and community-minded mother can be the victim of this horrible crime would please give whatever they can manage towards this campaign, we can help Jaya and Gwydion recover and move forwards - and get on with their life in the Freo community. Jaya is a well-known figure in the arts scene of Fremantle, and contributes much to the culture and richness of life in Freo.

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