Help Refinish the Bandstand Roof

By Maple Ridge Concert Band Association

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A little bit of context

The Memorial Peace Park Bandstand in Maple Ridge was built by the Maple Ridge Concert Band (MRCB) and opened in 1994. It was funded primarily by local donations of cash, goods, and services, and then topped up by some grants from the Federal Government of Canada and the Provincial Government of BC. The community of Maple Ridge got behind the bandstand in a tremendous way, as everyone saw the vision of a central gathering location in a beautiful park setting. All of the original donors have their names recorded on brass plaques around the base of the bandstand.

But there’s a problem

When the bandstand was originally built, some of the original plans needed to be scaled back due to running out of funding as the project neared its end. This included applying a special solution to the copper roof to turn the patina green, as was done with the BC Legislature building. Since then, natural weather has turned the copper roof quite black.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

The Maple Ridge Concert Band has had an on-going fundraising program for several years now to generate enough funds to finish off the roof. Some other originally planned and missing items such as hanging planter scrolls have now been added. Much of the funds required to finish the roof have been raised, but we are still a little short of what is required to get the work started on the roof.

This bandstand is heavily used in the city of Maple Ridge by all sorts of groups including musicians, actors, the local farmers market, weddings, and all sorts of other local events. Finishing the roof in the summer of 2017 would add some extra sparkle to all of these community events!

You can join us

Maple Ridge Concert Band requires $8000.00 to finish off the bandstand work. You can help by contributing to this community campaign which will help finish the bandstand after all these years of use. Every small donation gets us just that much closer to beginning the work on the roof in the summer of 2017!

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

Join this campaign and you will receive a tax deductible receipt for your donation. Donations of $2000 or more will also be remembered in a brass plaque around the periphery of the bandstand. Most importantly, the entire community will benefit from returning the bandstand to the beautiful green copper patina roof as was originally planned.

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