Help Mitch Back on His Feet

By Judy Funder

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A little bit of context

Mitchel Watts 9, along with his 3 brothers, attends a school in Warwick Qld, where I teach. They all love running and charging about and all help their mum and dad on their potato and dairy farm on weekends and holidays. When tragedy strikes, it strikes doubly hard for children. When Mitch had his foot 'socked'by a tractor accident one morning , he was rushed to the local Warwick hospital, then sent straight to Toowoomba for emergency surgery. Doctors didn't know if the foot could be saved as so much damage had occurred and muscles and nerves were all stripped away. Over the weeks and many operations (11 to date) some hope has arisen; nerves and tissue have started to regrow where there was just a hole. A skin graft was finally possible. Mitch has kept a smiling face most of the time much to his parents relief.

But there’s a problem

Mitch's family have had to use up all their savings to get through this troubled time. As we know with a dairy farm you often live from week to week anyway. Sharon, Mitch's mum, has had to stop working frequently to be with Mitch in Brisbane during his numerous operations and this has further affected them financially.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

In donating to this Chuffed Fund for the Watt's family we can help to guarantee that Mitch will get the continued medical care he needs to see his foot heal properly and his family can relax a little as he recuperates and finances return to normal. Nothing can be the same again, but its a chance to help a family in need to regain faith in the goodness of others. And you certainly need that at times like this.

You can join us

I would like to raise $4999! This is to help cover medical costs, surgery , anaethetists etc and accommodation costs for hospital visits (Killarney is 3 hours from Brisbane)

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