In Memory of Jen Bates - Make Zero Carbon Industry a Reality

By Beyond Zero Emissions Inc

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In appreciation of a wonderful BZE volunteer

Jennifer Bates, a treasured BZE volunteer and coordinator of BZE Team Newcastle, was killed in a tragic accident on 14 December. Jen was sensitive but determined, passionate but unassuming. She worked hard to make a difference and she wanted Australia to lead the world on tackling climate change. Jen’s family encourages the many people who loved and admired Jen to pledge to this appeal.

Thanks to over-whelming support we have achieved our original target ahead of schedule. This is due largely to Jen's friends and family, and is testament to how much she is missed. It will enable BZE to design and print the report, and create a supporting website. We have now set a new target of $30,000. These additional funds will cover the cost of launch events, including one in Newcastle.

The issue

To stop global warming we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero. That means transitioning to zero carbon buildings, transport and electricity.

But did you know that more than a quarter of the world’s emissions comes from industry - the production of everyday materials like steel, paper, plastics and cement?

Industry needs a huge amount of heat – which it gets by burning fossil fuels. And the process of making some materials releases a huge amount of carbon dioxide: steel-making causes 5%, and cement-making 8%, of global emissions.

Very few people are talking about this problem and almost no one is talking about the solution. Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) does want to talk about the problem - and we want to tell decision-makers about the solution.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

BZE has started to research the Zero Carbon Industry Plan, the final phase in our Zero Carbon Australia Project. The plan will be the first in the world to demonstrate that industry can be zero carbon.

We will show that:

* Industrial heat can be provided with renewable energy

* We can make steel without coal

* Zero carbon cement is possible

* We can use less of everything for a lower-carbon, more sustainable world.

You can join us

We need financial help to write, publish and promote our work. We are asking for $20,000 to kickstart this plan. While this is roughly a quarter of the actual cost of the plan, it will go a long way to getting it completed. The money will be used to:

  • pay wages for qualified researchers
  • publish the finished Zero Carbon Industry Plan
  • promote the plan to industry and the government.

Thank you for donating to this cause that Jen cared about deeply.

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