Help Local Essential Worker Janice Get Essential Services!

By New River

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A little bit of context

Local essential worker Janice Spence has been living in her home without power during this pandemic. Between her wage garnishments and her lot rent being doubled this year by notorious slumlord Radford Companies Inc she’s struggled to keep up with the bills.

But there’s a problem

Janice and her family have done everything they can to find a workable solution with Appalachian Power to get her power turned back on, but they refuse unless she pays a lump sum totaling over $500 dollars. Janice has had to make the intolerable choice of paying rent to stave off eviction, purchase groceries to get adequate nourishment, or having electricity. It’s not as if Janice hasn’t been trying, as we said she’s an essential worker during this pandemic. Why should any essential worker be denied the basics of what they need to stay safe and healthy during this national emergency?

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We’re asking the community to help Janice and her family by calling Appalachian Power and demand they return power to their home and work with Janice to find a solution. No one should be denied the essentials during this time! Help Janice get the power back on by making a call and a donation!

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