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Iona needs our help to heal

Iona came to Greyhound Rescue just recently, and has shown herself to be an incredibly sweet and affectionate lady. After a prior injury left her predisposed to dislocating her toe, and after repeated dislocations, vets made the tough call to amputate the toe in order to save her from future pain and suffering. 

Surgery is expensive

To date, Iona's vet bills are over $1500 and will continue to climb as she needs ongoing veterinary care, and possible physiotherapy, while she starts along the road to recovery. 

Sweet, sweet Iona

Iona is described by everyone who meets her as a sweet and affectionate dog who just loves the company of people. She deserves a loving forever home with a family who will give her all the love and ear scratches that she can get, and at just three years old Iona is just a young pup with plenty of ear scratching time ahead of her.

Before she can be rehomed, we need to nurse her back to health and make sure that this is the end of her problems with that pesky toe.

You can help!

We need to raise the money to cover her surgery and ongoing care. Greyhound Rescue isn't government funded, in fact we rely entirely on kind donors just like you in order for us to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome these gorgeous dogs. 


Can you make a tax-deductible donation to help Iona heal?


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