Help Heal & Rebuild Nicaragua

By William Rose

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Here is the scoop....

As many of you know, Nicaragua and its people are closer to my heart more than almost anything in this world.

I had the pleasure of living in Nicaragua for multiple years leading the construction and implementation of medical facilities throughout the country with OneWorld Health. I also co-founded a small business that connects travelers from all over the world to the infinite beauty of Nicaragua and local community development projects. Nicaragua is home to some of my best friends on this earth and certainly home to some of the strongest, most resilient women and men that I have ever met.

Here is some background information on Nicaragua.....

Nicaragua is a developing country that is ranked as the 2nd poorest country in the western hemisphere, due to its high unemployment rate, widespread poverty and limited or no access to high quality healthcare. Although filled with geographic beauty with its amazing beaches, extraordinary volcanoes and romantic colonial cities; the average Nicaraguan lives in poverty and struggles daily to provide food to his or her family.

Even though the majority of Nicaraguans live in poverty their joy, generosity, humility and willingness to help an outsider has completely changed my life and impacted my heart in ways that I will never be able to repay.

Then Tropical Storm Nate Arrived

After Nicaragua was smashed by Tropical Storm Nate on October 7th 2017, which hit after two straight weeks of heavy rain, many Nicaraguans lost their entire homes and livelihoods - especially in Tola, Nicaragua on the southern Pacific Coast.

Roads and bridges were obliterated by flooding, houses were demolished by heavy winds & rain and families lost all access to clean drinking water, electricity and food sources. Many families are struggling to rebuild their lives and can not afford basic necessities like food and water let alone materials to reconstruct damaged homes.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We are raising money to help these families heal and rebuild!

On Nov 16th, 20017 I will be going to Nicaragua and connecting with local Nicaraguans to purchase needed materials (food, building materials and medical care) with the money we raise. We will work with local Nicaraguans, volunteers and organizations - including OneWorld Health FunLimon (both with locations in Tola) to deliver these materials to skilled teams on the ground helping rebuild lives.

We need your help!

We are reaching out to YOU, our network of friends, family and everyone that has a heart for Nicaragua to support the healing & rebuilding of Tola, Nicaragua.

One of the beautiful things about Nicaragua is how big of an impact you can make with just a small amount of money. Every little bit will help, whether it is $1 or $1000!

Most importantly.....

100% of your donation goes directly to rebuilding homes and providing medical care for the Nicaraguan people.

Meet us in Nicaragua for a Benefit Concert!

On November 17th, Flying Islands and Alta Tension will be holding a benefit concert in Granada, Nicaragua to cap off all of our fundraising efforts and make one last push to raise funds for our friends in Tola, Nicaragua.

We will be partnering with Flor de Caña and Lost Souls Bar & Restaurant to offer some cool promotions and fun to help support our cause!

You are invited, if you can make it to Nicaragua!

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