Help Boy with Autism Go Global and Save Turtles at GES2016 in Silicon Valley

By Hamish and His Mum and Dad

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A little bit of context

11-year-old Hamish Finlayson has combined his passion for technology with his love of sea turtles and his desire to help improve the lives of people everywhere with autism (ASD) in order to make the world a better place. Hamish is also living with ASD.

Hamish's efforts were recognised at the OzAPP awards in Perth in December 2015 and Hamish also received an Australia Day Award in January 2016 from the Townsville City Council for his environmental work in helping to save turtles.

Hamish has also pitched some of his awesome ideas to US President Obama's team sponsoring the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 (GES 2016) being held 21-24 June 2016 at the epi-centre of innovation - Silicon Valley.

Hamish has been invited to attend GES2016 by the US Government. This is a fantastic opportunity and great recognition because Hamish was up against a really tough competitive pool of nearly 5,000 applicants !!!

But there’s a problem

It costs a lot of money for Hamish and one of his parental carers to travel to the US whilst still being able to save and meet the costs Hamish and his family face for his various ASD therapies, extra educational costs and related care, including the costs of his mum's ongoing cancer treatments.

In fact, statistics show that on average, the costs for an Australian household with someone living with ASD are $56,000 per annum higher than a typical household.

It is these costs to society, as well as the untold damage that plastic debris, ghost nets and litter are causing to the Great Barrier Reef and sea turtles everywhere that Hamish wants to do something about.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Hamish now wants to use the GES 2016 Summit as an opportunity to put a big global spot light on the plight of our sea turtles and the challenges people with ASD face.

GES 2016 is a great chance for Hamish to pitch his ideas on changing the world to some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs, investors and start-ups around the globe, as well as key government players.

Hamish also wants to learn new ways to scale his ICT solutions and apps to reach more and more platforms and audiences, learn how other people are using ICT to make the world a better place and help increase donations for all the great charities Hamish is promoting.

You can join us

Help Hamish reach his goal and go global at the GES2016 Summit in Silicon Valley by raising AUD$5,000 to cover the costs of airfares, insurance and minor travel expenses for him and one of his parental carers.

To keep costs down, one of Hamish's parents is staying at home.

Anything extra left over from your donations will be used to keep Hamish's ICT projects going, fund his education and/or support his chosen charities.

If you'd like to learn more about Hamish's projects or what you can do to help solve some of the problems Hamish is looking at, feel free to download and play LitterbugSmash on your iPad, check out the great quiz in Keep Calm & Save Turtles, or donate now to support some great autism charities after playing Hamish's latest iPad game ASDandMe

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

You will be a part of community of people helping make the world a better place for sea turtles and people living with ASD everywhere. Everyone who helps will get a personal thank you from Hamish, and we will create a 'Thank You' wall on his web-sites.

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Hamish and His Mum and Dad