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A little bit of context

Fiji continues to face many challenges including high rates of poverty, gender inequality, gender-based violence, inadequate housing and lack of access to quality education. One of the biggest challenges to the education system in Fiji is the location of schools. Maritime areas and the remoteness of the large islands give rise to accessibility issues, especially with regards to education and health services. This has resulted in informal squatter settlements rising up in urban areas due to rural-to-urban migration.

But there’s a problem

For children living in informal settlements, access to early childhood education is very limited. This is because over 90% of pre-primary services are delivered through for-profit providers making it unaffordable for many poor families. For children in these communities, access to basic education services is a huge challenge due to the lack of registration and formal identification. Most children in informal settlements therefore do not have access to education in their early years.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Mary MacKillop Today has partnered with Child Benefit to support the Mobile Kindy program with the aim of providing children living in informal settlements, around the capital of Suva, with access to high quality and inclusive early childhood education. The Mobile Kindy classes are delivered 2-3 days a week in participating settlements with community-based volunteers identified and trained to implement basic early childhood classes.

The Mobile Kindy also provides the following tools to learn:

1. Hygiene Kits

2. Nutritional Lunches

3. Educational Resource Kits

You can join us...

With your help we can raise $15,000 which will provide 200 kids in informal settlements the tools to learn by funding hygiene kits, nutritional lunches and educational resource kits.

Here's how you can help:

$10 will provide one hygiene kit for one child

$25 will get 30 kids a nutritional lunch for 1 week

$48 will give one child an educational resource kit

BUT the more we raise the more kids we can reach!

So donate what you can and help us reach our goal by sharing our campaign far and wide, with friends, family, colleagues, associations and any networks you may have.

It's so simple and easy! Just share to your social media and send emails to everyone you know - it will only take a few minutes but by spreading the word, you have have the power to make a world of difference with just a click!


Please note all donations to Mary MacKillop Today $2 and over are tax deductible.

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