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Thank you to everyone who has donated towards Harrys care so far, we have been so overwhelmed by your generosity! Thanks to the amazing supporters who have gathered around this gorgeous little boy (Team Harry) we have been lucky enough to raise the funds needed for his diagnostics! We now have enough to cover his expenses thus far so have decided to close the campaign until we get the results of his biopsies back and then work out what the next step of this journey is :) Thanks are not enough, we are beyond grateful to you all for helping us to help save Harry's life! We will updated everyone via our facebook page once the results come back in which will be in approximately a weeks time xoxoxox you are all truly amazing xoxoxox


We were recently contacted by a family who could no longer provide for their little dog Harry and they reached out to us to help them and Harry. Harry is a delightful little young crossbreed dog, he looks a shrunken labrador and has the most amazing giant smile that warms your heart. He loves his food, has a beautiful waggly tail, he loves to play fetch. He is a very very good boy....

Unfortunately Harry is a very sick little boy. Harry has been suffering for a few months with intense facial swelling that is casuing him a lot of discomfort and pain. The swelling is putting pressure on his right eye and compromising his vision. He is suffering from swelling within his sinus cavity causing him to sneeze out a horrible dischareg. Despite the swelling causing such a large facial disfigurement leaving him almost unrecognsiable Harry still loves all the things dogs love to do. He loves going for a walk, he loves cuddles, he loves to be right by your side.....despite his issues Harry is such a happy boy, and we need your help to help us keep Harry happy.....

So far the vets have been unable to find a reason for Harrys illness and now that he is in our care it is imperative we get him specialist help, but it comes at a cost...

Harry has to see a specialist canine opthalmologist to determine what we can do to save his eye and prevent further pressure building up in and around the globe. Before he came into care at times the swelling was so severe it engulfed his eye causing him to be in so much pain. We don't want this to happen again, and we want to make sure his eye sight and eye can be saved while the surgeons can get to the route of the issue. Harry needs to see a internal medicine specialist and surgeon and undergo a CT Scan so we can try to determine a cause for why his face is so painful and swollen. X-rays will not give us the whole picture and won't be deatiled enough for the surgeons to see what they have to work with, hence why we need a CT Scan, which unfortuantely is a very costly excercise. With further diagnostics we hope we can get to the route of the problem and save darling Harrys life.

The diagnostics alone are going to cost us $3000, which is a huge chunk of money for a small grassroots not for profit charity like ours, but when it comes to saving a life, well, you just can't put a price on that.

Harry is so delightful, and so sweet, he deserves a chance at a pain free life and he deserves a chance at a life. He doesn't want to die and he doesn't want to be in this situation, he just needs a helping hand and with a dedicated team of volunteers willing to fight for him we hope we can give it to him, with your help

The first step to saving Harry is the diagnostics, which is around $3000, from there we will let you all know what our options are and the next step in treatment plans. Harry is such a young happy boy, and we will fight for him every step of the way. Please help us help Harry by donating whatever you can to his cause. If you could see his smiling face and utterly sweet nature you would understand why it's so important to help this little guy out, he has so much love to give, and is so trusting and sweet and a few dollars will go a long way to helping us get the answers we need to ensuring he has a healthy happy life

Thank you for reading Harrys story and for donating in any way you can. Together we can make Harry happy and give him the chance at a full, healthy and pain free life

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