Help EDOWA fight against extinction!


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Dear friends,

The extinction crisis is here now!

The Environmental Defender's Office WA (EDOWA) urgently needs your help to fight the extinction crisis and to protect WA's unique native flora and fauna.

We can make a difference. Donate today to help us defend some of WA’s unique species that are under imminent threat.

What is the extinction crisis?

Worldwide, a recent report by the United Nations warns that more than one million species are under threat of extinction. If extinction rates continue to accelerate, it will have serious and unpredictable impacts - not only on nature, but on humanity as well. This extinction crisis is occurring primarily as a result of ecological exploitation and climate change and has become a hot topic internationally following the recent Extinction Rebellion protests in the UK and Australia.

The United Nations report highlights that Australia has the highest rate of mammal extinctions in the world and that vital changes are required to restore and protect nature.

The extinction crisis is also a live issue here in Western Australia, where our well-loved and iconic endangered and threatened species such as the Carnaby's cockatoo, quokka and numbat are under serious and immediate threat.

But there is hope – while Australia has a terrible extinction record to date, the continent is also home to some of the last untouched landscapes on the planet. We need to work together to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, protect our unique forests and native vegetation, and prevent the development of ecologically destructive industries. That’s where EDOWA needs your help.

Help EDOWA fight against extinction

EDOWA has over 20 years of experience successfully advocating for environmental justice and is WA's only legal voice for the environment. We are working hard to fight extinction through the law. We work alongside individuals and community groups who are fighting to protect species and stop the degradation of WA’s unique and fragile environment.

That is why we are asking for your help today.

Donations are crucial for the survival of both EDOWA and WA's unique species. We need to raise at least $25,000 in the next 8 weeks to enable us to continue fighting the extinction crisis by working hard towards:

  • The effective regulation and reduction of Western Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions;
  • The protection of species from ecologically destructive developments such as the Yeelirrie uranium mine, which risks the extinction of 12 unique subterranean fauna species;
  • The preservation of Western Australia's pristine and unique forests and biodiversity from destructive clearing and logging.

Join the fight!

Please donate today.

With your support, we can use the law to protect species from extinction.

Thank you for supporting EDOWA, the State’s only legal voice for the environment. Your donations are greatly appreciated, and will help fight the extinction crisis here in Western Australia!

Yours sincerely,

Environmental Defender's Office (WA) Inc.

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