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We reached the target!

On behalf of all of us here at DRWA, thank you.

All Crippa wanted to do was play AFL!

Jamie Cripps was just 18 years old and just 2 weeks out from being drafted into the AFL. He was keen and pumped......but Crippa wasn't well. He was losing weight, thirsty and going to the toilet a lot. Crippa was taken to hospital by his dad & diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Shock set in! Crippa wondered if his footy career was in jeopardy...

"I was scared and nervous and didn’t really know what was going to happen so we ended up keeping it pretty quiet the week leading up to the draft but having my dad there, being a type 1, helped me and knew that it wasn’t going to stop me” - Jamie Cripps 2019

Crippa is now a key forward with the West Coast Eagles. He's passionate about helping young kids achieve their dreams while living with type 1 diabetes.

Crippa has a dream....finding a cure for diabetes.

Welcome aboard Jamie, we're proud to have you as our Ambasador!

So what's the problem?

While we can live well with diabetes thanks to research and even play AFL everyday more and more people develop diabetes. In Australia someone develops diabetes evey 5 minutes - enough to fill the MCG every year.

Diabetes is a life-long condition - something people have to live with for the rest of their lives. Serious complications are a constant worry.

Crippa has to prepare before every game, before every training, meticulously checking blood sugar levels and adjusting his insulin injections so that he can play the game. He can never take a break from diabetes. It's a bit like carrying a football around and never being able to put it down.

We’re determined to change things...

Research is the only way we will find a cure. We know that everyone wants a cure for diabetes. Just imagine if Crippa could play AFL like everyone else and he didn't need insulin injections to stay that would be something.

Crippa's dream...

“Dare to dream. It’s important for the community to get involved…we’re trying to raise $60,000 to help researchers in WA find a cure.” - Jamie Cripps July 2019

Join Crippa and help him kick diabetes research goals

Crippa reached $60,000 early in April 2020 and we can now fund one research grant in Nov 2020.

You dug deep and helped Crippa's dream come true!

Lewis took home this signed WCE guernsey for making a donation. Congrats Lewis!

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