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By British Pakistani Christian Association

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A little bit of context

International and domestic grooming and other abuse crimes are a burgeoning problem.  In 2018, after being groomed for circa six years, Australian citizen, Lara Hall, travelled on false pretences to Pakistan on a 30 day travel visa where she fell pray to Sajjad Khan’s lecherous intentions. He sexually harrassed, sexually assaulted her, allowed his elder brother to attempt the same, he kept her against her will only allowing her out occassionally when she begged (however, there were times she spent 8 weeks confined in dilapidated conditions). On the odd occassion she was “allowed” out it was just for a short interval and usually because she begged and she was under strict supervision.

Her story is truly direct from the pages of a horror movie. She was starved (sometimes for up to fourteen hours), deprived of clean clothes, made to forgo feminine hygiene products on many occassions. She was physically abused. The Australian and Pakistani authorities profoundly failed her. She was forced to exit Sajjad’s house under police guard on the 26th of August, 2018. She was transferred to a military complex but Sajjad still tried to track her. Consular officials still ignored her despite being well aware of this and being fully cognisant of the real threat to human life here. When she went to Islamabad to resolve her overstay issue (which was caused due to no fault of her own but because her abuser had detained her), the Interior Ministry treated her appallingly, yelled at her, threatened to detain her and only by the grace of God was she given some reprieve to sort out her overstay fines. After everything she had been through at the hands of her abuser she was forced to pay $400USD worth of fines! It’s incredulous! Moreover,  rather negligently, the Australian government continued to fail her even refusing to meet her when she was in Islamabad and faced the prospect of being jailed, despite her prostrating herself at their feet and crying over the phone begging for an interview. 

Unite against International Abuse Crime 

This call centre is being established to help victims of international abuse crime like Lara Hall to access the services she desperately needed. This service will render travel advice about all countries, it will provide comprehensive information about risks of sexual assault, grooming, human trafficking, kidnap and other abuse crimes in countries. The service will provide in situ advice, counselling and help and, with a client’s permission, will act as a liasion between consular staff, local police, and other relevant authorities where diplomatic staff fail to render the adequate level of support as demonstrated in the case of Lara Hall. The service also helps to provide emergency grants to those in need to help them obtain their safe exit. 

You can join us

We really need your support right now! We cannot do this without you!

To start with we are raising 50,000 pounds. We believe that roughly 14 thousand pounds will be needed to appoint a manager to the call centre. Between 2000 and 5000 pounds will be needed to run the call centre per annum and develop a customer relations management system for keeping confidential notes on each case. We expect that 5000 pounds will be needed initially for advertising. The residual amount will go to providing emergency grants for victims of international abuse crime to get their “safe exit.”  

Be part of the change! 

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