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The disused rail corridor

Runs from Queanbeyan and Canberra to Bombala in Southern NSW and is perfect to become a 208km recreational trail. It has great scenery, a village or town at the right interval and good cycling weather.

Creating the trail will connect all the people who live in and between the towns and villages. Imagine being able to safely walk or ride to school or work!

Tourists can take a day to ride and experience the beautiful Monaro landscapes. Spend the weekend visiting a few towns. Maybe take a week and ride the whole trail. Either way you will have safe off road cycling, walking or running, coupled with rural hospitality in the villages and towns along the route.

Why a Monaro rail trail

Rail trails have proven themselves whenever they have been built in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA.

In New Zealand, the Otago Rail Trail has grown to become a world renown cycling destination revitalising the local communities. Closer to home, northeast Victoria has capitalised on the local rail trails proximity to food and wine experiences to promote the region as a key cycling destination.

The Monaro rail trail will be an important tourist attraction for the south east NSW region. It will be of instant appeal to the Canberra cycling community and will attract interstate and international cycling tourists. It will link with the current recreational and cycling attributes of the Snowy Mountains and the Canberra region.

The trail will be a safe environment for offroad walking and running.

The trail will help preserve historical rail infrastructure such as bridges and sidings and station buildings. It will keep the rail corridor as a public assett for all time.

The trail will bring benefits to Monaro communities via a boost to the regional tourism economy. Small villages such as Michelago, Bredbo and Nimmitabel will be stand out winners. Cooma will see new tourism outside the winter sports season and Bombala hospitality businesses will welcome the new attention.

Help make the trail a reality

We need to raise $12,000 to fund a initial feasibility study. This report will assess the economic benefits the trail will bring to the community. It will give us solid data to help us promote our proposal. It will build our case with politicians and tourism planners at local and state government levels. We have a consultant ready to go.

Please help us reach our target...

The Perks

We offer an unconditional guarantee that when you donate you will feel so happy that you have contributed to a great community campaign.

You will feel so proud that you will want your friends to donate.

Your donation will give you an unrestricted lifetime access to the rail trail.

About the MRT committee

We are small group of volunteers from villages and towns along the corridor with a vision to bring the Monaro rail trail to life. We have been working hard since August 2015 to promote the vision.

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Team Members

Mary Walters President Monaro Rail Trail