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By Animal Liberation Qld

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Join our campaign to ban greyhound racing in Queensland! Help us fund a series of billboards to highlight the ‘wastage’ in the greyhound industry. The billboard will serve to remind commuters about the over-breeding of greyhounds in the industry and the subsequent ‘wastage’ of dogs who aren’t fast enough to make money.

We are funding the first month (October 2015) at Central Station, but we need another $15,000 from our generous supporters to stay 'on track' and keep the billboard up for several more months. The Central Station billboard, in such a prominent location, has the potential to reach up to 105,000 people per day!

In June, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk promised ‘swift and decisive action’ in response to the live baiting scandal. Unfortunately, her government’s response did not include a ban on the industry, despite the Commissioner noting that “public confidence may have been dealt an almost terminal blow”, and declaring, “it would be naïve in the extreme, to conclude that the practice (of live baiting) is not widespread.” Live baiting, however, is just one of the many animal protection issues in this industry and the public needs to know the truth.

Should we reach our target, we will roll out billboards in various locations around Brisbane for several months to keep the pressure on and call for a ban on greyhound racing. Should we exceed it, additional funds will be used to further our campaign.

Until greyhounds can live a life free of exploitation from this grubby industry, we will keep fighting, with you by our side. Help us put an end to greyhound racing.

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