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Who are we?

Hebron Trust is a 10 bed female only drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Norwich. We are one of 3 female only residential rehabilitation centres in the country. The importance of a female only setting is crucial to some women who have had negative relationships involving physical or sexual abuse in their lives. Hebron Trust is a safe nurturing and intensively supportive community environment in which to recover from drug and alcohol dependency and life dominating problems that serious substance misuse can cause.

But there’s a problem

Addiction can bring chaos to a woman's life and family. Coupled with addiction can come complex mental health issues, as well as domestic and sexual abuse, children ending up in care and can lead a woman to lose control of their lives.

Hebron Trust believes that any woman making the decision to come into treatment should have the opportunity to access it, but not everyone that wants treatment is able to access it. This is due to less and less funding being available from local authorities.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Two staff are travelling the width of the country, from Hebron House in Norwich to Hebron Village in Wales (350miles) with no money and by any means or mode of transport necessary. They are hoping to travel approx. 90 miles per day and they must reach their destination in 5 days. They are raising money to go towards a bursary placement at Hebron House. This will enable a woman without social care funding to access rehab for up to 6 months. This is really life changing. All money raised will go directly towards this placement. Hebron Trust also want to raise awareness with this challenge of the difficulties women in addiction face in trying to obtain funding for rehab. By providing a bursary placement it is hoped that we can help a woman reclaim her life from addiction, maintain recovery and help her to return to the world of work.

You can join us

A 12 week treatment programme costs £9,300 with a 24 week programme costing £18,600. If we can offer a bed to someone in desperate need of treatment, how great would that be giving them the opportunity to address their addiction and build their self worth.

By supporting our cause, you are helping a woman transform her life including dealing with some difficult issues such as mental health, sexual abuse, eating disorders as well as preventing a woman entering the criminal justice system.

Read C's account of her experience at Hebron;

I walked though the doors of Hebron in February 2015, broken, lost and having almost lost everything.

I had a restraining order against me by my former partner, not allowed to enter my own home and arrested on numerous occasions (spending many a night in a police cell). I was frightened and felt incredibly alone. I was powerless over alcohol and I could not see a way out of my addiction. In the end the only way out I could see was to end my life. I could not and did not want to carry on in the painful web of addiction. I had painfully hit my Rock Bottom.

After spending 3 months in a psychiatric hospital I was offered a place at Hebron House. I entered the house incredibly frightened and broken. Full of fear and eyes wide like a rabbit in the headlights

After 6 months of treatment I decided the best option was to relocate to Norwich. A new beginning, a fresh start. Away from the hustle and bustle of London.

I moved into Hebron’s move on house, in July 2015. This is where I continued my journey in recovery with the love and support from Hebron. Who were with me every step of the way (and still are to this day).

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