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We are HeartCure Collective, a non-profit vegan social centre aiming to unite the compassionate and to spread a message of conscious and sustainable living.

In early 2017 Jordan and Georgia, set to open a one of a kind vegan social centre in Sheffield, UK! This hub for events, workshops, classes, talks, meet-ups and more was a dream that could help so many people go and stay vegan. The centre will be an incredible resource to help inspire the local community to live more compassionately and raise awareness of animal and environmental issues.

After 56 volunteers spent 900+ hours of work and a lot of love and money have created HeartCure Collective, your social centre in Sheffield.


In addition to the social activities side we also have a vegan cafe, which will be a great place to inspire people to eat more vegan food. There will is an ethical clothing store, zero waste shop, kids space and a stage for events! There is also be a small library, which has been sponsored by The Vegan Society which offers a wide range of informative and inspiring books.

The best part is that once up and running part of the profits of HeartCure Collective will be used to help fund outreach, activism, run free workshops for the community, support animal sanctuaries and aid in projects that advocate sustainable ethical living.

The centre is set up inside a converted warehouse, which consumed vast amounts of money and unnexpected costs. To open we had to fit the roof, build walls, plumbing, heating, extraction and so much more. We're still needing work to be done too!

The reality is, that if we do not raise the funds needed to pay our bills and finish the rennovations we simply will not be able stay open.

So please support, share or choose a perk today to help make it happen!

We're super grateful for every donation, big or small, and we'd love for you to have something too!


Donate just £5 and put us that little bit closer staying open! We'll keep you in the loop with updates and progress on the centre too.


Send us £20 and we will send you a set of HeartCure stickers!


Send us £20 and we will send you a tote bag with our logo on it! So you can promote your support and help the environment.


Coffee and Cake for two! Donate us £25 and we'll reserve your favourite spot in the centre and serve your choice of hot drinks and cakes for you and a friend!


Receive a limited edition supporter tee, with the HeartCure Collective logo and slogan. Available to collect at the centre or we will ship to you!

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This super generous donation will give you a t-shirt, tote bag and a free drink and meal.

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