Bunbury Garden Labyrinth

By Projects of Heart & Soul WA Inc

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A little bit of context

Here's the thing! Throughout our lives, simply in the process of living, no matter how positive we are, chaos and change, challenge and struggle come to us all. None of us escape this. It may be the death of a relative, the loss of a job or simply a natural transition to another stage of life.

And the problem is

These times in our lives cause great uncertainty and fear for most of us. And the fact is, that in our 21st century fast paced lifestyles, we don't allow ourselves the time & space to transition slowly and well. We rush ahead, bumbling and stumbling and getting further and further away from the centre of ourselves, and the source of our Wholeness and Healing.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

What if there was a place where you were invited to remember to savour each step of the walk of your life? This place was welcoming of all cultures and completely non-denominational. A place in nature: A Garden Labyrinth.

Where each step into the centre slowed your mind; the pause you took in the centre enabled you to reflect & rejuvenate where you were; and then as you walked back out, you felt grounded & as if a creative change might be a possibility for you.

It is a very real possibility. There are places like this all around the world. We can learn to walk simply, to walk consciously, to walk lovingly come what may. And in this step-by-step way, we grow Hope for ourselves & each other.

Projects of Heart & Soul WA Inc have now brought such a place to the southwest of Western Australia - Bunbury Garden Labyrinth.

You can join us

We have raised sufficient funds to build the Labyrinth, through grants, individual & corporate donations, as well as in-kind support from community groups and local businesses. We are now seeking some final funds to host an Opening Ceremony for all those who have contributed over the last 5 years.

We would love to see your name blazened across our social networks for your generosity and kindness, no matter what the amount.

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Team Members

Nari Jones

Carolyn Ngan

Di Panorius

Jan Ferraz


Michele Schoder