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A little bit of context

Children want to go to school. People want to educate, train and develop themselves. Being a refugee makes this nearly impossible to realise. At the Orange House in Athens, there is a belief that education can lead to positive, social enterprise in the community.

But there’s a problem

The challenge is to make the shelter sustainable in the long-term; to provide great learning spaces and maintain momentum to truly make tangible difference to the residents.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

The plan is for HeartELT to continue raising funds so that Orange House can meet financial challenges as they arise. Being able to take care of the basics, frees up energies for the core aim of providing educational activities for the residents.

Going “dry” for a month from November 5th to December 5th is a frivolous way of getting attention. But by creating a little discomfort for myself and amusement for those who know me, I hope to highlight what others are doing to bring education, in a safe environment, to those who would otherwise be denied it.

You can join me...

.... on the wagon of sobriety

Or at least donate the cost of a glass or two of your favourite tipple (hopefully you’re all Dom Perignon or Remy Martin brandy drinkers!). Be part of the biggest movement in ELT (English Language Teaching) community and collaborate for change.

As we remind ourselves at HeartELT, every little helps.


See what Orange House is already achieving

Orange House Athens

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