Healthy, Psyched & Sugar Free for February

By Rachel Evans

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It's Rachel from Healthy & Psyched.

I am taking part in a Sugar Free February Challenge

I will be cutting out added sweeteners and only eating 2 pieces of fruit per day to raise money to feed homeless individuals and those who cannot afford a nourishing dinner. It's going to be hard since I love fruit (read: I eat like 5 pieces of fruit or more every day) and sweet treats (read: I eat chocolate every day), but I hope it will be worth it. 


Where will the money go?

The money raised will be donated to Nourish, a local business (with branches in Sheffield and Leeds), who run a 'pay-it-forward- scheme. It will buy meals for homeless individuals and those who cannot afford a nourishing dinner.


Why free meals?

Every day when I walk 12 minutes to work I see at least 5 people who are homeless and asking for money. I can't give money to them all, but I would like to do something to help. Food is an important part of my life and I feel like everything seems just a bit better if you've had a healthy and satisfying meal. That's why I would like to donate free meals to people who are living on the streets or who cannot afford to buy a warm nourishing meal this winter.


Why donate to Nourish?

I would like to support a local businesses with this campaign. I believe that Nourish fits with the ethos of my blog Healthy & Psyched, which is to eat fresh, whole foods that will improve health and wellbeing. Nourish also have a great selection of balanced vegan meals and I will ask that all of the meals donated are vegan friendly. 

Nourish will be donating 1 free meal for every 5 that we donate!!

What if you cheat!?

If I cheat and knowingly eat something with sugar I will donate £5 each time. 

Let's hope it doesn't happen and I am going to try my very best with this challenge. But I'm only human and the world we live in is saturated with sugar!! 

I want to be totally honest: I am trying to get healthier and raise money for a good cause. I don't want to end up not eating if I go out for a meal or to develop a disordered/obsessive relationship with sugar (I have suffered with orthorexia and bulimia, so this is something that is very real to me). With that in mind, I would ask that all donations are made with the knowledge that there may be a situation this month in which I accidentally or intentionally choose to eat sugar for whatever reason. I will obviously try to avoid these situations, but I want to be realistic about the chance it might happen. Please do not donate if you are unhappy with this. 

How can I follow your progress?

You can keep up with how I am doing on my instagram account @healthyandpsyched

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