Support the Himalayan Culture and Education Fund in 2019

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Building a strong future for Himalayan communities, while preserving ancient wisdom of the past.

Support to preserve ancient Himalayan culture.


Since 2005, under the careful guidance of Khandro Thrinlay Chodon, the fund provides much needed support services in remote and isolated Himalayan villages.

HCEF is committed to:

  • providing education scholarships to disadvantaged children;
  • supporting and empowering women’s welfare groups;
  • providing medical services to elders and communities in need;
  • engaging in sustainable community building projects; and
  • preserving ancient Himalayan traditions and culture and sharing this wisdom through the world

What is Saga Dawa?

The month of Saga Dawa in the Lunar calendar commemorates three significant events in Himalayan culture: The birth of Buddha Shakyamuni; his awakening to complete enlightenment; and his final teaching of impermanence, his parinirvana.

During this month, we have the opportunity to create positive action in our lives and on our precious planet earth. The effects of our good and bad actions this month are amplified 10 million times, making it an ideal time to intensify our mindfulness practice.

In Himalayan culture we become extra vigilant and increase our practices of generosity and the other positive actions. We dedicate the merit to our family, to those in need, and especially our planet.

We invite you to practice an act of gratitude and offer to the HCEF.

"Let us make our lives meaningful and leave positive imprints of thought, word and deed." - Khandro Thrinlay Chodon


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