Support Himalayan Culture, Education and Communities

By Khachodling Limited

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Creating a Future. Preserving a Past.

Support Himalayan children, families and communities

Since 2009, through the kindness of one off donations and monthly offerings, the Himalayan Culture and Education Fund has been supporting Himalayan communities in the following ways:

  1. Providing financial scholarships to Himalayan children from remote and disadvantaged areas to attend school and receive a modern education.
  2. Providing healthcare & hermitages for women studying meditation and spirituality in remote Himalayan regions.

  3. Preserving ancient Himalayan traditions, arts & crafts techniques.

  4. Building community spaces and managing sustainable community projects.

HCEF Fundraising Appeal May/June 2019

Create positive karma through May and June which is an auspicous time in the Himalayan buddhist calendar for giving and receiving.

You have the opportunity to create a positive interchange and receive the blessings of an ancient culture of wisdom and compassion.


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