Harold's 70th Birthday Celebration - Giving Well

By 10x10 Philanthropy

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10x10 was founded by Laurie in 2013 and has gone on to support many incredible grassroots charities at work here in Sydney, across Australia and now the world. 10x10 inspires young professionals to connect with Grassroots charities at work in their local community and has developed a unique model to channel impact in community.

The money raised will be used to invest into operational infrastructure of 10x10 which has to date engaged over 12,500 new young donors and distributed $2.3M to Charity. Eddie heads up the London based division of the organisation and it is an organisation which is on track to give $1M a year to grassroots causes. The mission of the organisation was informed by communal values that Harold & Ellen hold true in their lives and accordingly it is a fitting home for any gifts in lieu of marking this landmark occasion in Harold's life.

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