Harm Reduction Saves Lives!

By AIDS Vancouver Island

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What we are fundraising for?

We are fundraising to provide overdose prevention and response education, naloxone trainings and other harm reduction services at community events around Vancouver Island this summer.

Currently this is an area that is greatly under-resourced, with limited funding available for community based education initiatives. Despite the lack of resources available, these services are crucial and urgent. Education is one of the key components to keeping people safe. Open honest conversations about drug use reduces stigma, making our whole community healthier.

Why do we need harm reduction services at these events?

Dangerous substances have been recently been found in drugs that have historically been deemed low-risk in terms of overdose. These drugs are frequently consumed at nightclubs, festivals, raves and other events, putting this community at risk. Harm reduction services are urgently needed to ensure that all members of our community receive appropriate education and support. Whether it be small organized parties, to place of business staff trainings, from locally organized festivals and music events, to non-profit workplaces, we can help and we know you can too.

Why are we crowdsourcing for this initiative?

Harm reduction and overdose prevention services are grossly underfunded. Our staff are already working to maximum capacity. We have no time to waste. We need your help getting harm reduction resources out to these events so that we can provide life saving skills and education to youth, families and other community members that normally don't receive these services.

All funds raised will go towards providing enhanced training to community members on overdose prevention and response, harm reduction related materials/supplies and travel costs. Charitable tax receipts are available upon request. If you are unable to provide financial support, you can still help by sharing this page and spreading the word.

More information about our organization.

AIDS Vancouver Island has a long standing commitment to harm reduction on Vancouver Island. We have thousands of hours experience providing harm reduction services and in addition, we have a large and committed group of volunteers to draw from who are regularly offered workshops on the basics of harm reduction, sexual health, social stigma, sex positivity and more. In May 2017 alone, we trained over 600 people on how to administer naloxone and shared overdose prevention skills with many more.

Our services include but are not limited to;

  • Youth-focused harm reduction trainings
  • Workshops for youth on the following topics: safer partying, sexual health, safer tattooing and piercing, and overdose prevention and response
  • General harm reduction services including providing supplies, education and support
  • Overdose prevention and response training, including take-home naloxone kits
  • Peer support programming for people who use drugs
  • Overdose prevention and rapid overdose response
  • Educational and leadership development programming (Street College)
  • Mobile outreach services

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