Hanlon Creek Weir Project

By Ontario Rivers Alliance

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You can make a difference!

Thank you everyone for your help! Your donations will go towards key design work and permitting at this critical first phase of the project.

Check out the video above to see why Brook Trout matter.

Perk for the Largest Donation

Once the campaign officially closes at 9:45 am tomorrow, 4 March, the winner of this beautiful acrylic painting, "Swimming Together", by Sydney Campbell, will be announced. This painting of Brookies will go to the person who made the largest donation. See painting details at bottom of page. A BIG THANK YOU to Sydney for this fantastic donation!

A little bit of context

Hanlon Creek is a coldwater Brook Trout stream, with its headwaters rising within the City of Guelph, Ontario. The Hanlon Creek weir was built in 1972 to measure stream flow. The Grand River Fisheries Management Plan identified issues and management strategies to improve cold water tributaries of the Speed River Basin, which includes the Hanlon Creek.

But there’s a problem

Hanlon Creek weir is a barrier to fish passage, it interferes with sediment transport, and causes upstream ponding which results in increased surface area that warms in the sun. This warming of the creek has negative impacts on the Brook Trout that require clear, cool waters below 24°C.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

By removing a centre portion of the weir the upstream water level will be lowered and the channel narrowed, resulting in cooler stream temperatures and improved Brook Trout habitat.

The project is now at a critical first phase where up-front funds are required to complete the engineered design and to pay for a key regulatory permit.

This important modification will improve Hanlon Creek stream health and improve habitat for this coldwater Brook Trout fishery. Most importantly, it will improve the fishery's resiliency to climate change.

We have a short-turnaround and are hoping you can help fund this project.

Our Partners

Partners on this project are the Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry, Grand River Conservation Authority, Trout Unlimited Canada, City of Guelph and ORA, in consultation with the Grand River Fisheries Management Plan Implementation Committee.

Each partner has taken on a portion of the responsibility for bringing the Project to completion. ORA has taken on the challenge of raising the amount required for the Engineered Design and Permits, so all donations are appreciated!

You can join us

Ontario Rivers Alliance needs your help to raise just $2,050 to move forward on this first phase of the Hanlon Creek Weir Project.

Your generous donation will help move this project forward!

Any amount is appreciated - the payment form is fully adjustable.

Thank you!

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A BIG thank you to Sydney for donating this wonderful painting to the Campaign:

Details on the painting:

"Swimming Together, by Sydney Campbell

Acrylic on 8”×10” Canvas Board

As a self-taught artist with a background in neuroscience and the study of trans-species psychology, I enjoy painting subject matter that reflects our deep interconnection with Nature and other beings. I was inspired to paint “Swimming Together” after working on a series of nonhuman family portraits. Often fish aren’t considered on the level of the individual and their emotional lives tend to be dismissed, however we continue to learn that there is more ‘beneath the surface’. Brook Trout are known to possess unique personalities and have the ability to recognize other individuals, with a preference for socializing with family members. Therefore beyond the Brook Trout’s beautiful vibrancy reflected beneath a cold, rippling creek, I wanted to express this knowledge of their individuality and social nature, and to encourage a perception of their emotional experience.

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