By The Centre: Connecting Community in North & West Melbourne Inc.

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Top Tutors for Top Kids

a campaign to raise funds for the training of the volunteer tutors who are vital to our homework club.

Home Away From Homework Club is a project run from The Centre: Connecting Community in North & West Melbourne Inc. It is a uniquely successful homework program providing educational support to the diverse student body of the inner north area of Melbourne. Currently we support 70 students who face obstacles to their positive connection to, and achievement at school. To offer this educational support we maintain a pool of 30 well trained tutors to work alongside the students.

In fact Home Away From Homework Club succeeds precisely because of our strong, highly skilled and very motivated volunteer tutors who give of their time and expertise every week to make a positive impact on the learning experiences of our young people.

This does not happen by magic...we spend a lot of time and effort making sure we recruit, train and induct the best people possible from all walks of life, all kinds of educational backgrounds and all ages. However the benefits of their work are staggering and incalculable. We watch the children grow in confidence, develop stronger literacy and numeracy skills, demonstrate improved social skills and increasingly take personal responsibility for their learning and behaviour. It is certainly worth the investment!

How you can help

To recruit, train and induct 24 tutors per year costs $2,800

In this campaign we are asking you to please make a donation so that we can do just that and so our students can continue to thrive with the help of their dedicated tutors.

Our rewards for your support are as follows

Donations of $50 or more will give you access to limited edition postcard prints

Donations of $100 or more will give you access to the above + a social media shout out (for your business, or a personal thanks)

Donations of $500 or more will give you access to all of the above + name recognition (for your business, or a personal thanks) on our website, local newspaper and at the Spring Fling Street Festival

Of course any donation amount will be much appreciated and know that your support means you become part of a community that cares about kids and their futures!

To find out more about Home Away From Homework Club, visit centre.org.au/homeworkclub

A special thank you to Jordana Media for the fantastic video!

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