Rehabilitation: Giving GSDs a Future

By German Shepherd Dog Rescue South Australia Inc.

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German Shepherds are sensitive, responsive, energetic dogs bred to work. While this temperament makes them outstanding dogs for the right home, it can also lead to the development of significant behavioural problems. Some of the most difficult to overcome are those that stem from anxiety or fears that can result from abuse, neglect or traumatic experiences. However, any dog coming into rescue can experience anxiety as a result of separation from familiar people and exposure to new environments and experiences. 

Behaviour problems often also arise from lack of training and positive social experiences. A significant proportion of dogs coming into rescue lack basic obedience and/or demonstrate reactivity towards other dogs. If everyone who bought a German Shepherd puppy put the time and effort into training and socialising it, there would be very little need for a rescue like ours. However, those cute bouncy little balls of fluff grow up into over 30 kilograms of dog that has been bred for its intelligence, speed, strength and protection instinct.

We support German Shepherds coming into the rescue in a range of ways dependent on the needs of individual dogs.

We provide therapeutic tools such as pheromone collars to ease the transition of dogs into foster care and new homes, and we provide training aids, such as no-pull harnesses, and advice to foster carers and new owners.

We use professional trainers and behaviourists to assess the dogs and to provide support with obedience training and with addressing more severe behavioural problems such as reactivity towards other dogs. 

Our target of $3,000 will allow us to purchase therapeutic tools and training equipment to support the dogs coming into our care. It will also allow us to accept dogs in need of more advanced behavioural rehabilitation with trainers before they are ready for new homes. However, don't feel like you have to stop at our target. The more money we raise the more dogs we can support now and in the future that may not have other options. 

Would you like something more than the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from giving?

In honour of the month of Shep-tember, also the month of the Royal Adelaide Show, every donation at or above $50 will receive a showbag supported by some of our wonderful sponsors. 

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