Can you help Global Social Club?

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**WOW! We've hit our first target of raising £5k and keeping Global Social Club open for another 6 months! Thanks for your support everyone! We've extended the campaign to try and hit £10k and keep the club open for the whole year**


What is Global Social Club?

Global Social Club is an awarding winning youth service that we run with our partners! The group was started in response to requests from young refugees to meet more people their age. The young people we met told us they felt stressed, lonely and isolated.

Since establishing Global Social Club we have welcomed over 200 young people and become recognised as the UK’s first Youth Club of Sanctuary!

Through the group, young people build friendships, share culture, access specialist support but most importantly, they have FUN!

In 2019 we have had cooking classes, horse riding lessons, trips to London, capoeira and art classes to name a few thanks to a grant given to us Brighton and Hove City Council.

Building relationships and having fun should be a part of everyone's life!

Often young people accessing our services have experienced things that are difficult for us to comprehend. War, separation, trafficking and sometimes grieving from multiple losses.

Having a community around you and sharing laughter with others is so important for young people, especially for those who have experienced such difficulties and often lost their loved ones.

One young person who attends GSC said to us recently:

"In the UK I don’t have my family but when I’m at Global Social Club, it feels like a family" 

Why we need your help!

We know that Global Social Club is an incredibly special service and we need to do everything we can to keep it going. We are at a time where funds for Global Social Club are about to run out. So, we are turning to you for your help to keep it going for 2020!

Below is a guide to what your money will provide for our service! Every single donation makes a difference- no matter how small!

£50 would cover the cost of food for one session one weekly session 

£100 would help cover the cost of staffing one session

£250 would cover the cost of emergency vouchers to support our young people in times of crisis for six months

£1,000 would help run Global Social Club for one month

£5,000 would cover the staff, volunteer and travel costs for 6 months

Global Social Club is run in collaboration with our AMAZING partners: Young People's Centre, Pathways to Independence and Refugee Council. 

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