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Planting the seed of an idea...

When Wee Seeds founder Christina's son Fin started asking if "Mummy is going to die?" she realised she had to do something to help him. She'd been diagnosed with insulin-dependant Type 1 diabetes a few months earlier and they were both struggling. He was just 2-and-a-half. She had turned to a leading meditation app to help her cope with her life-changing diagnosis - but when she looked online to find a way to teach him the type of techniques that were helping her, she found nothing for his age group. And so the idea for Wee Seeds was planted.

But why?

As a society we are beginning to understand our mental health is as important as our physical health. Mindfulness and meditation proven ways to support daily self-care, prevent and manage mental health problems, and build resilience.

Introducing these practices to school children has emerged in recent years - and with due cause. Mental health issues often manifest during childhood. One in ten children aged 5-16 years old suffers a mental health disorder – around three in every classroom. Many go onto further and higher education still struggling with anxiety and stress, affecting their studies and career prospects.

Research shows introducing mindfulness and meditation practices in schools and universities has a positive impact on the psychological wellbeing and attention/concentration levels of students.

But the missing link is planting and nurturing the seeds of these skills in preschool children. Wee Seeds exists to bridge that gap - and early user testing shows successful results!

We want to arm every preschooler with the tools to realise their potential

Wee Seeds exists to offer parents and professionals unique, inspiring and practical tools to plant and nurture the seeds of mindfulness, meditation and movement in preschool children.

We want to bring to life cutting-edge, innovative exercises for grown ups to teach their preschoolers essential life-skills, rooted in mindfulness and meditation. Topics will cover how to focus, be calm and being still, as well as kindness and gratitude, with the aim of nurturing self-care, positive mental health, emotional literacy and inner resilience in young children.

To get started, Christina used some of the things she'd taught Fin - and then working with meditation and mindfulness experts, she built a prototype app to test if it worked!

From early designs came the protoype...

And this early testing showed us 75% of parents noticed a difference in their children - and themselves! Parents reported positive differences in their child becoming more “calm”, “more in control of themselves”, “easier to put to bed” and helping them to “focus on the positive” and “control levels of frustration and anger” as well as saying they themselves feeling calmer and had enjoyed spending special time with their kids.

Here's what one of our testers, Mum of two, Kirsty, thought:

Now, we want to take it to the next stage - and with your help we can!

And as well as helping us fund the build of our first platform, for parents, carers and teachers to use with the kids they care for, we'll be kicking off our Buy One, Give One away programme. The annual awards programme will see us working with charities to give away FREE subscriptions to children and families that might benefit from these exercises.

Help us build Wee Seeds...

Your donation will help us fund the development of our first web-based app, co-designed with parents and mindfulness experts, and brought to life by a leading creative agency and designer.

We have already sourced seed-funding - thanks to support from UnLtd Scotland - but need to raise the balance to build our first stage web-based app.

Help us give preschoolers the gift of calm, focus, attention, kindness, gratitude, inner strength and resiliance, as well as helping them sleep better, know their emotions and plant the seeds of positive mental wellbeing.

In return for your kindness, we can reward you with some mindfulness and meditation based treats! THANK YOU!

Thank you, from

Christina & Fin

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