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A little bit about our school

Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts was born out of group of parents that wanted a school for their children that focused on the entire education of the child, not just test scores, and also incorporated learning about our amazing natural resources and environment. We are unique in that we operate on a modified year-round school calendar and and integrate science and arts into our core curriculum. Our students also benefit from weekly visits to the James River Park system where they enrich their learning. In an era where we see increasing racial segregation in schools, Patrick Henry maintains a diverse student body that reflects our city demographics, and last school year, we outperformed the district in every subject by over 16 points!

But we NEED to grow

In order for us to better serve our community, we need to be able to access all of our classrooms. Currently, we are in a historic school building with fully operational classrooms on the first two floors and modular units outside. We have also have third floor that is in need of a major renovation in order to house students. We can only fully realize our mission by accessing this critical space.

Here’s how we will achieve this

We've officially launched our 'Growing Potential' campaign, where we seek to fundraise the necessary capital to fully renovate our third floor. We've built a unique coalition of parents and community supporters to help in our efforts and are taking a multi-faceted approach to make this happen. While our total cost is estimated at $3.5 million, we are chunking our fundraising plan into smaller benchmarks, using all amounts donated directly toward the renovation.

You can join us

Be a part of our Growing Potential and donate today!

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