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Help us GROW Alfalfa House community food co-op

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Alfalfa House started life in a small living room in Erskineville, nearly 40 years ago.

Today, over 3000 members and locals from the Inner West choose to shop with us at our store in Enmore because, unlike many supermarkets, we:

  • Are a not for profit grocer that puts everything back into expanding our zero waste lines - 70+% of our products are package free - minimising our impact on the environment

  • Work directly with farmers who use regenerative practices to produce delicious organic, biodynamic or spray free fruit & veggie, protecting our planet for generations to come

  • Support small and local artisan suppliers who put their heart & soul into creating quality food you can trust to nourish family and friends

  • Connect and help educate our diverse Inner West community on sustainable living, in store, and through free open days and monthly workshops.

But we have a problem

In recent years, the big supermarkets and other profit driven local grocers have posed a growing threat to our locally run community co-operative. Their buying power and profit-driven practices are having an impact. On the land, our farmers and our beloved co-operative.

Recently, our revenue has dropped, which means we’re struggling to make a profit and heading close to insolvency.

We are grateful for membership funding over the years as this has allowed us to make some improvements to the store. However, we are now at a crucial point where we need to take a radical approach to improving the way we do business, or we have no option but to close the doors of our co-op, once and for all.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We need to rethink the way we do business, by implementing a transformation program to be led by our new, skilled leadership team.

The launch of our GROW Alfalfa House campaign will provide the funds to kickstart our transformation program. Which is where you come in!

We have some bills to pay, but the rest will allow us to rethink the way we operate, improve the customer experience and make shopping with us more affordable.

We can only achieve this with your help.

Here's how you can help.

Our community must raise a minimum of $40,000 by 9 May 2019 in order to keep the co-op in operation.

Which means now, more then ever, we need your support.
Your contribution to this campaign will allow us to kickstart our GROW Alfalfa House transformation program, which will focus on:

  • Rethinking our business model so we can survive and thrive in today’s competitive marketplace

  • Reconnecting with customers to understand how we can improve our offering, through market research and make the necessary changes to confidently grow

  • Renewing our position in the marketplace, without compromising our values, to become the go-to organic food co-op in Sydney’s Inner West, for generations to come.

Specifically: 40% of funds raised will go towards operational costs. 60% towards the GROW Alfalfa House transformation program.

Any funds exceeding our target will be gratefully received, and our membership consulted on how best to use them.

We want future generations to know there’s an alternative way to shopping at malls, in supermarkets and from the sofa. A way that teaches us where real organic food comes from and connects us with real people that care about their community and our planet.

We can only do this with your support! Get involved today.

With deep gratitude,

Alfalfa House

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