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Grow with us!

Kearsarge Food Hub’s Monthly Giving Program

To become a sustainer, please be sure to choose the monthly giving option when you go to make your donation!

Kearsarge Food Hub is a grassroots nonprofit organization based in Bradford, New Hampshire, working to reinvigorate our community around a restorative local food system. Our service area includes Bradford and the surrounding Kearsarge/Lake Sunapee area, with collaborative ties all throughout our state and region.

The time is ripe and the community has challenged us to dig deeper and grow more.

We created the Grow With Us Monthly Giving Program to support our community vision of:

  • nurturing a resilient and connected community where everyone has access to healthy local food,
  • where farmers are supported and the land is nourished and celebrated,
  • and where neighbors of all ages have opportunities for belonging and connection, specifically over food!

Grow With Us will provide KFH with predictable, sustainable income providing a foundation for organizational vitality. KFH must be strong, nimble, and resilient in all ways, and this includes financial vitality. It’s our next growth edge. With your help, a steady stream of income will nourish all we do and those we serve. For more information about how your gift will impact KFH, you can read more here.

Our goal is to bring on 200 new monthly giving donors by June 2020. It’s an ambitious call to action for any and all who want to contribute to positive change and sow seeds for a better tomorrow.

To kick-start this campaign, a group of generous KFH community members have challenged us to welcome 65 new monthly donors to the fold by August 31, 2019.

When we do, we’ll receive $7,500 in matching funds.

Please help us meet this challenge!

Many don’t know how to envision a restorative local food system in our region. Here is what your monthly contribution will help us establish in our community:

  • Food Justice. Communities exercising their right to grow, sell, and eat healthy food. When food system workers all along the supply chain, including farmers, farmworkers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers, are dignified with fair wages, safe workplaces, and respect within the community.

  • Farmer Support. Small- and medium-scale farm viability. The conventional food system fails us in the area of support to small and mid-sized farmers. A restorative local food system is one in which those that take the care to grow our food have ample and easy access to the resources they need to succeed, including infrastructure, markets, and labor.

  • Food Security. When everyone in the Kearsarge region has physical and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life, there will be food security in our area. This also includes contributing to Food Solutions New England's vision of 50 by 60 - producing 50% of our own food by 2060 - so that we all are protected from disruptions in the global/industrial supply chain.

  • Environmental Stewarship. Recasting our relationship with nature through food. Regenerative farming practices that nurture the land by building robust soils and positively contributing to vital ecosystem functions that can help to restore the natural world to health. This also includes contribution to local and regional supply chains that are conscious of energy and resource use, and actively seeking to reduce sources of waste, pollution, and other harmful byproducts.
  • Community Vitality. Communities have vitality when neighbors feel connected over a shared sense of belonging; where there are economic opportunities to support our families; and when there are ample occasions for coming together over food, the arts, education, and celebration for folks of all ages and walks of life.

Here’s What We’ve Accomplished Toward This Vision In Four Short Years

Sweet Beet Market
We operate a year-round local food market where we:

  • Prioritize local farmers and producers, telling the story of where each product comes from and how it was grown or produced.
  • Have created access to local food for 200+ customers per week, all year long.
  • Have contributed to the viability of local produce, dairy, and meat farmers by purchasing over $215,000 in products that get distributed to the community and keep dollars flowing within the local economy.

Sweet Beet Farm
We started our own small farm where we:

  • Are active in reclaiming the knowledge of how to responsibly grow food.
  • Are exploring regenerative farming practices that build soil and contribute to healthy ecosystem functions while producing nutrient dense foods
  • Are growing greens all year in our newly heated greenhouse, contributing to year-round food security in our area

Sweet Beet Kitchen & Bakery
We built a commercial kitchen where we:

  • Consistently bake nutritious breads for the community
  • Provide the space for a cafe to operate their new small business,
  • Are exploring how to use the space to excite and inform people about cooking with seasonal, healthy ingredients

Educational Outreach
We strive to generate awareness and open information channels within the food system and community. So far we have:

  • Provided support to local farmers by facilitating more than a dozen technical assistance and business development workshops.
  • Hosted dozens of school visits and work days
  • Been able to offer regular farm-based education programming for local first graders, high schoolers, and college students.
  • Spoken at a conferences to share our experience of how local food can transform a community.

Building Community
We are facilitating ways for everyone to be a part of grassroots solutions. In that spirit, we have:

  • Raised over $40,000 from 200+ supporters creating a community of support in service of our mission.
  • Hosted major events to bring people together to celebrate and share local food, art, music, and storytelling.
  • Developed partnerships throughout the community

Contributing to Food Security for All

In the effort to make healthy local food available to all, while limiting waste in the food system, we have:

  • Regularly donated to local pantries - since our inception we’ve donated over 6,000 pounds of fresh food
  • Rethinking food waste and determining uses for what otherwise might be thrown away, including processing in the kitchen, delivering to restaurants, and donating to food pantries
  • Developed working partnerships with a handful of statewide food hubs to collaborate toward creating more local food distribution infrastructure in New Hampshire

What We’ll Work To Accomplish Moving Forward With Your Support

In addition to continuing all that we are already doing, we have big plans for the future, including:

  • Developing more ways to provide support to local farmers in areas like business development, technical assistance, building infrastructure, and sharing resources.
  • Experimenting with ways to provide our commercial kitchen as a resource to more food-based businesses in our area.
  • Exploring how we can reduce and hopefully eliminate plastic waste associated with food production and packaging.
  • Expanding our collaborations with schools to incorporate more grade levels into our farm and food-based educational programming.
  • Facilitating the creation of more distribution infrastructure.
  • Nurturing partnerships that get more local food get into the community, specifically through untapped channels like institutions, schools, and restaurants.
  • Advancing increased food security in the region by
    • increasing distribution to local pantries;
    • accepting SNAP/EBT in Sweet Beet Market;
    • experimenting with renewable resources and sustainable practices to grow food all year;
    • making use of food waste;
    • helping the Kearsarge region to contribute to the regional goal of producing 50% of its own food by 2060, as part of A New England Food Vision, put forth by Food Solutions New England.
      • We are a long way from the food sovereignty that we seek.
      • New England imports about 90% of its food from the global food system.
      • Small efforts throughout the region will add up to success.

When you join Grow With Us

  • You’ll get a welcome package! We’ll welcome you to the team with a small but lovely package of merchandise to help remind you about the work we’re doing and why it’s important.
  • We’ll keep you in the loop. You’ll receive consistent updates and insights into how we’re using your investment to further our mission.
  • You’ll be the change. You will directly contribute to the efforts of a grassroots nonprofit working to improve the world and create positive change from the ground up. Think global, act local.
  • You’ll have some peace of mind. A community supported restorative food system really does address a host of issues that share common roots. If you want to contribute to solutions in areas like climate change, human health and happiness, and economic stability, this program is for you.
  • You’re seeding a better future. We all have a vested interest in supporting a better future for the world we live in. Supporting our vision means contributing directly to the health and wellness of planet Earth for generations to come.

C’Mon and Grow With Us!

  • If not you, then who? It’s common to think of all the environmental, social, and economic problems of our time as someone else’s job to fix, but that mentality simply won't do. We all have a responsibility to contribute to solutions.
  • If not now, then when? We really don’t like to use urgency as a tactic for sparking activity, but the truth is the best time to take action is 20 years ago, and the second best time is right now.

Please join our monthly giving program today. Whether you join at $5, $10, $25, $50 or $100 a month, you will be directly impacting the health and resiliency of your community.

  • $5 a month creates a consistent stream of community support to expand and explore the many possibilities of the Kearsarge Food Hub's educational, farm, market, and kitchen programs.
  • $10 a month provides one local student with a hands-on educational farming experience, nurturing a love of nature and creating an appreciation for the local food system and healthy, local eating.
  • $25 a month supports the health and growth of one local farm by offering access to the distribution, marketing, sales, and support infrastructure operated by Kearsarge Food Hub.
  • $50 a month provides one semester of research and development on Sweet Beet Farm in partnership with Colby-Sawyer College to explore how to nourish the land through regenerative farming practices.
  • $100 a month allows Kearsarge Food Hub to expand its food security initiatives by providing greater access to farm fresh produce to neighbors in need.

We appreciate you.

A heartfelt thank you to:

  • Our Grow With Us Corporate Sponsor, Circular Blu. We appreciate the work they are doing developing circular economies within the health sector and creating living examples of sustainability in business and community.
  • Our Matching Gift Donors
    • Thanks to a team of dedicated and generous supporters, the gift you choose to make is amplified by an incredible $7,500 if we reach our goal of 65 sustainers by August 31st!

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