Grow the Peace

By Joy Foley

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A little bit of context

In just three years Peace Valley - Australian Bush Retreat has moved from dream to reality. Now we have a fully functioning pilot project with the foundations of a much larger and more comprehensive experiential learning centre in place. For regular updates check us out on Facebook

Aunty Kali, Galibal/Githabul Elder, Joy Foley, Peace Valley founder, and others have been busy during these Covid times creating a sister project which will work alongside Peace Valley.

It's called Wadjun Jugun and is an all woman initiative with a focus on Reconnection to the land and to the Lore of First Nations Peoples as key to healing the current crisis in the world. Wadjun Jugun is Githabul language and translates as 'Mother Nature's Daughters'. The Wadjun Jugun team will work locally across cultural and social divides to bring unity of purpose and positive actions to effect that shift.

Both initiatives are situated on Githabul/Galibal land on the Queensland New South Wales border inland in eastern Australia. Peace Valley holds the space on sacred woman's land and Wadjun Jugun is the all female team!

But there’s a problem

Due to the Corona Virus it's become difficult to host events or visitors and as Peace Valley is reliant on donations to continue extra assistance is needed. Also for Wadjun Jugun to get underway, moving from gestation to birth it needs seed funding.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

The first months of the lockdown were used to co-create Wadjun Jugun while things were quiet here. There's also been a gradual shift to making online offerings - If folk can't make it to us then we can come to them!

We are offering weekly free birdsong meditations. If you'd like to join us drop a line to for the Zoom link. Aunty Kali and Joy are also working on an online teaching program looking at a coming together of western and indigenous ideas to assist those searching for a way forward in their life choices.

As we emerge from the Covid lockdown we are planning more events and of course folk are still welcome to visit. We have to abide by the Covid regulations and keep things small for now.

Over time our vision is of creating a piece of 'The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible' It will be a cross cultural embodied learning centre with a merging of First Nations and western knowledge and wisdom, it'll have everything Peace Valley currently offers but on a larger scale.

Another exciting happening at Peace Valley is it becoming officially a woman only retreat space. This is in honour of the sacred land it sits on and feels so right!

Check out the original #humanitree planting and inauguration of Wadjun Jugun here

and visit Peace Valley by virtual tour at

You can join us

To run the current Peace Valley project effectively we need $1200 each month, normally this would be covered by visitor donations, now we need your help. This covers background running costs of internet, phone, car, camp upkeep and repairs and a ground levy. We also need funds to set up a web presence for Wadjun Jugun and for initial projects.

And by way of ThankYou

We'd be honoured to offer you the chance of becoming part of our two projects. For donations of up to $50 we will add your wish or prayer to our special Grey Gum Mother tree and let spirit and the elements work on it. For donations of $100 we will plant a native edible tree which will become part of a spiral food forest. For donations of $200 we will first plant your wish or prayer and above it we will plant a tree raised by us from local seed to become part of the local forest ecosystem. Should you choose to donate in winter between May and September, we will wait until spring when conditions are right to plant your tree.

All donations will be split 50/50 between Peace Valley and Wadjun Jugun to enhance and grow both projects.

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Team Members

Joy Foley

Aunty Kali