Grow the Peace

By Joy Foley

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A little bit of context

In just three years Peace Valley - Australian Bush Retreat has moved from dream to reality. Now we have a fully functioning pilot project with the foundations of a much larger and more comprehensive experiential learning centre in place. For regular updates check us out on Facebook

Aunty Kali, Gullibul Githabul Elder, Joy Foley, Peace Valley founder, and others are currently working on creating a new constitution and legal framework for phase two.

But there’s a problem

Due to the Corona Virus we are currently unable to host events or visitors and as we are reliant on donations to continue we now require extra assistance.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We're using this time of lockdown to prepare phase two of the Peace Valley project, it's a great opportunity to plan and begin the process of setting up a legal entity.

We have big dreams of creating a piece of 'The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible' It will be a cross cultural embodied learning centre with a merging of First Nations and western knowledge and wisdom, it'll have everything Peace Valley currently offers but on a larger scale. Check out Peace Valley by virtual tour at

You can join us

To run the current project effectively we need $1200 each month, normally this would be covered by visitor donations, now we need your help. This covers background running costs of internet, phone, car, camp upkeep and repairs and a ground levy. We also need funds to set up a legal entity.

And by way of ThankYou

...once the Corona virus chaos has settled down, you are very welcome to visit Peace Valley as an honoured guest anytime!

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