Grow Our Roots: International Solidarity & Media Fundraiser

By Black Rose Anarchist Federation

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This May 2019 Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation (BRRN) is kicking off an ambitious fundraiser to help us expand our international work and media presence. We are funding two of our members going to South America this summer and staying for an extended time with the groups we have been building connections with and supporting our media work, such as our new From Below Podcast.

Update: We are more than halfway to our goal of $4,400, will you help us reach 100%?

We are also offering some cool rewards and perks for those who donate such as thank you postcards, stickers and raffle for original artwork (see below).

An alternative way to show your support is also through purchasing one of several fundraiser t-shirt designs through our fundraising page with Teespring. See the link at the bottom of this page!

Help us take the next step in our international work

Since its founding in 2013 BRRN has been committed to building international solidarity and partnerships. Over the years, this has resulted in numerous public events, fundraisers, and international visits - from the 2013 Chilean anarchist tour with speaking engagements in over 20 cities across the US, to support for 2015 congress of Caribbean and Central American anarchists in the Dominican Republic, or in hosting several South American comrades in attending our 2018 national convention. BRRN has benefited from these activities, most notably the opportunities to exchange ideas and strategies with comrades experiencing political realities very different from our own.

In 2018, we began the process of formalizing our political relationships with anarchist and left-libertarian organizations throughout the Americas with the goal of amplifying our politics and practices on the continental and, eventually, global levels. The next stage of this process is the Militant Exchange, which will be collectively undertaken by BRRN (USA), Solidaridad (Chile), and Acción Socialista Libertaria (Argentina).

August 2018 BRRN National Convention in Los Angeles, where we hosted comrades from Chile, Argentina and Brazil funded in large part from our "Bridges of International Solidarity" fundraiser.

The Militant Exchange is an activity where members of one organization will spend several months embedded in one of their partner organizations, actively participating in all aspects of their work. The program will advance the political training of our individual members and build shared analysis and tangible unity between the organizations.

The first Militant Exchange will take place with Solidaridad in Chile, with one BRRN militant staying for two months and a second for three weeks. Chile is a country with a long history of anarchist and libertarian struggle and currently undergoing a powerful feminist resurgence.

Chile’s feminist movement has a great deal to teach militants coming from the US, a country seemingly left behind by the massive feminist mobilizations taking place throughout Latin America and Europe. Through the Militant Exchange, we hope to gain new perspectives on how to build our own anti-capitalist feminist movements back home.

We are raising $3,500 towards the travel costs of the militant exchange.

Support our growing media presence

Our social media platforms are able to reach audiences in the hundreds of thousands with tens of thousands of engagements every month - well beyond what many of us imagined possible a decade ago for far-left politics. Each week our blog content features interviews from front line organizers, discussion of feminist and contemporary left strategy that promotes a vision of anarchism and libertarian socialist politics which is accessible, relevant, diverse, and rooted in social movements. While BRRN is still a relatively new organization on the left, our overall reach and influence places us on a comparable footing with many larger and more established organizations.

Last month we took a new step into the popular field of left podcasting with From Below. We feature high quality interviews and commentary featuring on-the-ground organizers and thinkers and with insights on international issues that can’t be found elsewhere. But we need your support to make sure we can continue to keep the podcast going by paying for equipment and hosting expenses.

Should we reach our fundraising goals we are also looking to expand our media work with printed materias that promote our projects and social movement organizing.

We are raising $900 towards our social media, with $450 to help fund and grow From Below Podcast and another $450 towards printed materials.

Cool perks and rewards for donating

To show our appreciation for everyone who donates, we will have several layers of “thank you” materials and perks.

  • For everyone donating $25 or more we will send you a personalized postcard based on the image at the top thanking you for your contribution.
  • For everyone donating $50 or more we will also send you a sticker pack that we’ve specially printed for this fundraiser. (see below).
  • For everyone contributing $100 or more we have a number of extra special gifts that we will be raffling off. These include a beautiful hand made wood block print of Ricardo Flores Magón, an original illustration by BRRN artist Cesar Montero, and several hand sewn red-and-black flags made by a BRRN member. We might come up with some extras depending on how the fundraiser goes too!

Back image of our thank you postcards.

Sample of our thank you sticker designs. Art work is by Salt Lake City, UT based artist Mariella Mendoza, who authored "Climbing The Ladder: Brown Politicians Will Not Save Us." Follow Mariella on Instagram to see more of her work.

Sample art of Los Angeles, CA based BRRN artist and cultural worker, Cesar Montero. The image sent might this or something else yet to be created. See more of Cesar's work by following his Instagram.

An original, hand made wood block print of Mexican anarchist and revolutionary Ricardo Flores Magón by San Jose, CA based U.S.-Oaxacan print artist Stephany Sanchez. See more of Stephy's work by following her on Instagram.

Purchase a T-Shirt to Support!

Here's another way you can support: We are also selling these t-shirts through the Teespring platform for a limited time only - as long as the "Grow Our Roots" fundraiser is open, so get them while they're hot!

They are available in all sizes and a variety of colors. All proceeds go directly towards our fundraising goal. Click here to purchase.

  • Unknown Pleasures/BRRN design is by Alex Isa
  • "We deserve a world without borders" is by Mariella Mendoza
  • "Mi madre me enseño a luchar" is by Cesar Montero

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