GreanPal Friendship and Language Club for Kids

By Greanwold Interactive Inc

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Imagine a World of Separation

The COVID 19 virus bought home to many of the world's population the importance of the internet. Imagine a world of isolation with no internet?  There have always been virus epidemics and pandemics but none like this last outbreak that has had such an effect on nearly every country in the world. With wealthy countries struggling to deal with the pandemic, imagine what is like for parents and children in poorer countries.  GreanPal's plan is to generate money to help poor families and children overcome poverty. 

But there’s a problem

Close and personal connections and relationships between family and friends are so important. When that closeness is severed because of a pandemic it is more important than ever for family members to connect. Is there another virus pandemic in the future? The answer must be yes. It is time to help parents and children in the poorer nations get ready. 

Here’s what we’re doing about it

GreanPal is taking advantage of new technology in the manner of blockchain and artificial intelligence to connect children and families around the world safely and securely on a platform designed for children with safeguards to keep the platform safe. There is also a language learning module included. There is a monthly fee for parents who can afford this service and it is free to those who cannot.

How is GreanPal going to change the world?

It has been scientifically proven that children with a wide range of friends and an understanding of another language or languages grow into more grounded adults. They have a greater degree of empathy, are higher achievers, and much more productive in their everyday life.

You can join us

We are raising $35,000 dollars to create a campaign along with our partners to create a pre-registration landing page, a mailout to 12,500 school educators that communicate with over 2.5 million parents. Parents are provided 3 options to pre-register.  By offering very generous incentives, we plan on raising the required production financing of $400K. 

And here are some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

Free membership in the GreanPal Children's Language and Friendship Club for a child or children of your choosing.

GreanCoins! What is GreanCoin? It is going to be, be the end of this year, a crypto-currency for kids. It works like this. For every monthly membership paid, the child member will receive a GreanCoin in his or her crypto-wallet. Each GreanCoin has a value of $1.  Each GreanCoin is also backed up by the Company with a sinking fund that is invested in green stocks. Kids can save for their education, can use GreanCoins to buy green products sold by the Company, can use their GreanCoins to help children in poverty at home or abroad. And much more!  Kids will be able to earn more GreanCoins through contests, by being environmentally conscious and much more. 

There are also "Limited Edition" Greanpal T-shirts.

E-Books for kids.

Baseball caps.

GreanPal is a part of the Greanwold brand. Who is Greanwold? He is a Minosaur, a friendly little character who loves children and is here on earth with his Minosaur friends to ensure a future for children. Parents and children being part of GreanPal and Greanwold will be part of the big plan - Kids who have, helping kids who have not!


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Team Members

Michael Trigg

Christy Ellynby CEO Greanwold Foundation

James A. Douglas (CPA) Company CFO

Matthew Schade, Production Manager

William Mackie, Art & Direction Manager