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A little bit of context

The Grand Rapids Boulder Project is a group of climbers working with the American Alpine Club - West Michigan Chapter (“AAC”), a non-profit (your donations are tax-deductible), and the Grand Rapids City Parks and Recreation Department to activate Monroe North Park along the Grand River with a temporary bouldering park in 2020. 

Temporary bouldering parks are small rock climbing walls built for the public to enjoy. Our goal is to help provide access to rock climbing for everyone and create a lively adventure culture in Grand Rapids, through activation of the Grand River corridor. We are particularly interested in welcoming new climbers and those who many not otherwise have access to the sport.

Our goal is to create and activate a boulder park in the Grand River corridor to expand access to climbing and support the creation of an outdoor adventure city. Our goal aligns with the GR Forward Plan, River Restoration/Action Plan, Green Grand Rapid Plan and Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation Master Plan. It is our hope that this project helps to create a stronger community, one that is united through the sport of rock climbing. Access to climbing for everyone, and especially underrepresented populations in climbing, is a key motivator.

But there’s a problem

We need funding! We need your help to make the dream a reality. Please help the community develop into one that values adventure, recreation, grit, and determination!

You can join us!

The Boulder Project is looking to raise $8,000 in donations from the community and local businesses to support this project. We would love your partnership. Sponsor logos, advertising copy, and/or slogans will be included according to sponsorship level on the park kiosk, boulder park signage, and will receive placement on flyers, competition scorecards, advertising copy, and recognition at boulder park events, on our future website, and on facebook.

Some of our planned programming includes:

Introduction to Bouldering Classes - The Boulder Project will facilitate introduction to bouldering classes on announced summer Saturdays. Classes will be designed for broad experience levels and cover bouldering logistics, safety, and movement. 

Grand Opening and Bouldering Competitions - The Grand Opening will be a celebration and community activation day. The Boulder Project will also host summer climbing competitions to bring the climbing community together. The competitions will facilitate new routes on the boulder and bring rock climbers together for a community gathering.

Art Prize - The Boulder Project will work with an artist partner to create an Artprize entry. Several artistic partner organizations are being considered.

And here are some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

Park Sponsor - $5000 (1 sponsorship available)

  • Temporary Boulder Park named after your company.
  • Potential impressions from your logos and advertising copy included on the park kiosk, boulder park signage, on our future website, on our facebook page, logo placement on flyers, logo placement on competition scorecards, logo on boulder park advertising copy, and recognition at boulder park events.

Boulder Sponsor - $2500 (2 sponsorships available)

  • One temporary boulder named after your company.
  • Potential impressions from your company logo on the broad, park facing, side of the boulder for at least 6 months during 2020.

Competition or Event Sponsor - $500 (5 sponsorships available)

  • Presenting sponsor of monthly programming event, No Man’s Land Film Festival or Art Prize Installation
  • Potential impressions from your logos and advertising copy included in our event calendar, on our facebook page, logo placement on flyers, logo placement on competition scorecards, and recognition at boulder park event(s).

Route Sponsor - $250 (16 sponsorships available)

  • Route named after your company.
  • Company logo and QR code on the boulder near your route.

Individual Supporter - Any Amount!

  • Bask in the pride that you helped the Grand Rapids Boulder Project become a reality. You helped a kid find rock climbing for the first time! You gave your friends an awesome place to hang out! You found a cool spot to introduce your parents to your new boyfriend! You finally figured out where to bring your take out on a nice day!
  • Individual Supporters requesting anonymity or special requests are free to inquire about custom plans.

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