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What is Grappler's Heart?

Grappler’s Heart was the first tournament designed for grapplers with disabilities. Competitors range from those entering or returning to physical competition for the first time to those already competing in able-bodied tournaments.

We are excited to announce our fifth tournament to be hosted by Vitor Shaolin’s BJJ in New York City on Saturday, June 22, 2019! West coast to East coast, we look forward to seeing you all there in the spirit of competition!

This groundbreaking event is not for profit, and all services rendered are from the spirit of the grappling hearts of this community that believe in this cause!

How you can help:

Grapplers Heart is organized by a group of volunteers across the world. We heavily rely on goodwill and the Jiu Jitsu community to keep this extraordinary event going!

We are trying to raise money for all the expenses to host the tournament. This will allow us to access grants to secure the future of this life changing event. Accessing grants will also allow us to help grapplers from far to reach us and have the opportunity to experience competition.

Spread the love!

The Grappler’s Heart tournament is not for profit. All funds and services are by donation and volunteering!

If you would like to volunteer, sponsor, or help in any other way, please email us! [email protected]

Thank you for your support!

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Team Members

Jennifer Sung-Cugini

Dave Patton