Graduate to Greatness

By Watoto Child Care Ministries

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We can empower 450 mothers in Uganda to start their own businesses. Your gift will help give a vulnerable mother the physical tools she needs to generate an income after graduating from Living Hope.

Some of Uganda's most vulnerable mothers are struggling care for their children

In 2015, Watoto conducted a vulnerability survey and this is what we found:

  • 17% of women reported receiving no formal education,
  • 46% of those who had gone to school never reached their final year of primary school,
  • 43% of those women were unemployed,
  • 61% of those women had no income generating skills, and
  • 83% of those women earned less than a dollar a day.

This narrative is all too common in Africa; however, there is hope.

Together we can change the cycle of poverty

Did you know that when you empower a woman like Vivian, you change the narrative of her family, her community and eventually, her nation?

This year, 450 women will graduate from Living Hope, a program that teaches some of Uganda’s most vulnerable women adult and financial literacy, a craft or marketable skill and business skills so they can create a sustainable life of dignity for themselves and their families.

You can help each one of them graduate to greatness today by giving them a gift that can help them start their own business tomorrow.

You can join us

We need the help of passionate people like you to help us raise $30,470 to gift each of these women with the physical tools they need to begin generating an income.

A gift of $25 provides tools like hair braiding accessories to enable a woman to start a hairdressing business. A gift of $200 provides equipment like a sewing machine and tailoring accessories to enable a woman to start a textile business.

Your gift is not a product on a shelf but a tool that will empower these women to change the narrative of their lives.

Your impact will be doubled!

The exciting news is that we have some very generous partners on board who will match each dollar you donate up to $30,470. This means that if we can raise $30,470 we will be able to donate a total of $60,940 to Living Hope. Anything we raise above this target will go to other urgent needs in the project.

You won't just empower a woman, you will benefit a nation

When women are empowered, the whole nation benefits:

  • When more women work, economies grow. An increase in female labour force participation results in faster economic growth.
  • Increasing the share of household income controlled by women changes spending in ways that provide more benefit to children.
  • Increasing women and girls’ education contributes to higher economic growth.
  • Educating women reduces infant mortality rates. For every one additional year of education for women of reproductive age, child mortality decreased by 9.5%

Statistics from the United Nations.

We can do this

Empowerment starts with standing beside someone and believing in them. Let's fill those empty spaces. You can stand beside a vulnerable woman in Uganda and tell her that she has a hope and future.

Together, we can do this!

Tax deductible receipts for gifts over $2 with a preference for Watoto’s projects with GDG will be issued by the Watoto Australia Trust Account (ABN 83 176 101 461). Please note that no evangelistic, welfare or political activities are funded by the aid and development projects. Any excess funds received will support other approved project activities.

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