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A little bit of context

Social welfare is anything but socially accessible across the board; yet there are some golden not-for-profit organizations that try to bridge that gap by making services available.

Homeless Healthcare was set up (by Dr. Andrew Davies) to advance and promote the health of homeless and marginalised people. Improved health and wellbeing is essential if there is to be a real chance of a person breaking the cycle of homelessness. The best part is, Homeless Healthcare just opened up their mobile branch less than a month ago at Foundation Housing in Fremantle!

But there’s a problem

Unfortunately, due to the current climate of how our Country chooses to view the humanities and social sector, funding is never sustainable and these community services can never meet the demand and needs of everyone affected.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Supporting or getting involved with local organizations are a helpful way to become aware of what is around the community as well as understand the needs and issues surrounding the locality.

The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness that such a social welfare service exists, and raise up money to make sure those who are marginalized and homeless will have the basic right to:

- see a Dr and health specialists on an ongoing basis

- be given free or heavily subsidized prescriptions

- accessable female sanitary pads and hygene products

- feel that they are supported just like any other member in society

- be given necessary items so they have the basics to get them through sleeping on the street and much more.

The extra financial support from this local fundraiser means that the Homeless Healthcare team can buy a mobile medical kit to be used in their clinic at the new Fremantle site.

You can join us

We were thinking that it wouldn't be hard to make it to the big 5 G's! Some stats to put it in perspective. The cost of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for a year is almost half what were asking. You'd spend almost 2 grand ordering a coffee a day for a year. Putting $50 of petrol a week into your car for a year adds up to more than half of the fundraiser goal.

It was shared that at a previous fundraiser, the thousand dollars donated to a similiar not-for-profit went towards buying swags, shoes, blankets, jackets and sim cards for the homeless so they could get in contact with their service providers.

So donate freely and donate from your heart.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

PERKS THERE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Also, come round to the fundraisers we've put together, listen to some kickass local bands, have a beer and be part of the community. Find the gig at:

Mostly though, thank you for wanting to be part of a worthy cause and your generosity.

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