Help 10,000 Aussies reward good, say thnx, and change the world

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Reward good, say thnx, change the world - our simple idea

Hi. We're Shannon and Ante from Good Thnx.

If you watched our video, you can skip this next bit. You're now in the know. Otherwise, read on.

We've built a new platform that let's you thank others.

Our idea is simple: Reward good, say thnx and change the world.

Here's how it works:
  • When someone does good for you, say thanks with Good Thnx
  • You write them a message
  • You add an amount for charity as part of your thnx
  • The person you thanked chooses where the money goes
It's that good!

We're all set to launch our platform in July with our founding charity partners: Beyond Blue, RSPCA SA, St Vincent de Paul, World Vision Australia and WWF Australia.

We'd love you to check out the browser version of our platform and let us know what you think! The platform is currently in beta, optimised for your smartphone. You can access it here: When we launch later in July we'll have free iOS and Android apps available.

Help us out

We need your help to get the first 10,000 Aussies saying thnx.

What does that mean? It means we need $10,000 so that we can give $1 credit to the accounts of 10,000 new Australian users to start rewarding good and saying thnx when they sign up after our launch.

Your help will be fueling a gratitude revolution - more than 10,000 people being rewarded for the good they have done, with $10,000 going to Australian charities! How good will that feel - for you, for those saying thnx, for those being thanked, and for the charities that get the money!

The money trail - doing good with each step

Every dollar we raise from this Chuffed campaign will be used to credit $1 to the accounts of new Australian users who sign up after our launch. This will mean they can immediately say thnx to someone without having to load credit - giving a power boost to the cycle of rewarding good and saying thnx. Once they see how easy it is and how good it feels, they'll be hooked!

Hitting our $10,000 campaign target will mean the first 10,000 Australians who sign up after our launch will get $1 credit to say thnx on us. Every dollar over our campaign target means another Aussie can say thnx on us.

Once these new Aussie users say thnx using the money you give, the money then goes to the charity that the person they thanked chooses - your contribution ends up funding the great work of some of Australia's leading charities!

For example:
  1. You give $10
  2. Good Thnx gives $1 to 10 new Aussies who sign up to the platform
  3. Each of these 10 Aussies say thnx to 10 people and give each of them $1 as part of their thnx
  4. The 10 people who were thanked choose which charities receive their $1
  5. Good Thnx transfers the $10 to the chosen charities
  6. The charities spend your money on creating a better world
How good is that?

You will feel great. So will the person who was rewarded for doing good, and the person who thanked them. And the charity will spend your money to further their work. You'll be changing the world for the better!

Note: Direct donations are 100% tax deductible (the Good Thnx Foundation is a registered charity), but if that isn't your thing, we also have some kick-ass and exclusive perks available for those who support our campaign.

The perks of helping us get 10,000 Aussies to say thnx

Here at Good Thnx, we have assembled some great perks to reward you for helping us get 10,000 Aussies to say thnx.

The details of all the perks are outlined alongside the $$ amounts. We've got something for you from $10 to $1000. While most perks are targeted to individuals, some of the higher value perks may also be of interest to corporates and/or startups.

The Good Thnx t-shirt - $75 perk
We've included two exclusive 'Be a Legend' perks at $5000. We don't know what 'Being a Legend' means as yet, but the Good Thnx team will work out something awesome with these very generous donors!

The Good Thnx Lapel Pin
You can also donate any amount you like - anything from $2 to $2000 (or more) - and it will be fully tax deductible. Remember to give before midnight on June 30 if you want to claim your deduction in Financial Year 2015!

The Good Thnx Founding Member Online Badge

Who is Good Thnx?

Good Thnx is co-founders, Shannon and Ante, plus an awesome team of advisors, developers, staff and interns. You can see our faces here We founded Good Thnx Pty Ltd to be a community-minded business that applies commercial and technical disciplines for social good.

We built, our first product, to make it much easier to give small amounts (micro-donations) to good causes while also significantly lowering the associated fundraising costs of registered charities.

With, there is no direct cost for a charity to be listed, nor for the receipt of donations. 100% of the intended donation passes through. It's also free for users to access (and the apps will be free to download).

To make work, we created the Good Thnx Foundation ( Good Thnx Foundation is a non-profit public ancillary fund, which means that it collects donations (also called 'gifts') from the public into its Gift Fund and then distributes those donations to charities and other organisations who have deductible gift recipient status under item 1 of the table in section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (Cth).

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