Golden Bee - Atherton Tablelands FNQ for Pollinators Week 2019

By Bernadette Boscacci

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Bees pollinate fruit and vegetable crops and are essential to our food production and to the continued sustainability of the world-wide food supply. They are the only insects that produce food for human consumption, and bees pollinate plants from which treats like coffee and chocolate are derived! Bees also play a vital role in sustaining life and diversity in our natural forests through pollination and their contribution to various stages in the food web.

But the bees need help. The increased use of insecticides, the destruction of natural habitat and the effects of climate change have had a significant effect on bee populations around the world.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Golden Bee is an international collective with a common interest in using art and literature to explore bee ecology, and our shared relationship with bees through culture, mythology in our social and built environments. With over 800 members worldwide Golden Bee is developing a network of creative thinkers and makers that are concerned with the state of the global biosphere, with the bees as a critical element in that balance.

Through collaboration and creative expression, Golden Bee is working to  develop:

  • and present a series of exhibitions and events that draw attention to the plight of bees’, symptomatic of broader environmental issues.
  • environmental awareness and contribute to bee conservation in a myriad of ways
  • communications and opportunities for exchange within our international network
  • an online archive containing the collective’s creative productions.

Help us create a sustainable network of ecologically-centered culture

Golden Bee Collective team members self-fund their own travel, accommodation, postage and admin costs. We volunteer their time and contribute their personal resources to the project because we're committed to continuing the cause - continuing to develop and present productions and environmental / community cultural development projects.

We are seeking support to help us pay for the presentation, administration and other costs involved in these two projects. Please contribute as much or as little as you can and we’ll continue working for a sustainable culture based on rational science in conjunction with a sensitive understanding for the perfection that is the natural world.

Our campaign budget wishlist:

Printing costs: $400 

Insurance and administration costs: $250 

Documentation: $200 

Freight: $150

Production costs: $1000

Total $2000

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us:

Crowdfunding Rewards

$5 and upwards Donation -  we will add you to our golden bee patrons page on our website

$40 Membership - you get a hand printed golden bee t-shirt (including postage to where ever you are in Australia), have your name / link listed on our website and automatically go onto our mailing list.

$25 - $250 Various priced items for purchase from members of the collective including Nina Dawson, Robyn Veneer Sweeney, Fairlie Sandilands, Edwina Blush and Bernadette Boscacci.

Fairlie Sandilands, from her 'Wagging the bees' series. 25 x 20 cm Photographic print  $30

Ongoing fundraising

Bernadette Boscacci is producing limited edition Golden Bee screen prints on 100% linen teatowels and 100% cotton tshirts to support her work for the project. See designs here $25 each + $10 postage and handling in Australia. 

To place an order email Bernadette directly:

Get in quickly because the costs of Tshirts will be going up $5 in 2018!

Connect with Golden Bee:

Email Golden bee swarm

Twitter - Apis Aurea

Facebook - golden bee (the hive)

Flikr - Golden Bee goldenbees'

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Team Members

Bernadette Boscacci

Edwina Blush

Eloise O'Hare

James Barrett


Leonie Sanderson