Gold Coast BioBlitz

By Gold Coast Catchment Association

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In Australia, we have an astonishing array of unique plants and animals that don't exist anywhere else on the globe. Many of these are struggling to cope with modern threats such as reduction of habitat, invasive species and unstable climates. This is particularly apparent in the rainforest regions of South East Queensland which are home to increadibly rare and endangered species such as the Richmond Birdwing butterfly, dwarf freshwater crayfish and the long-leaved tuckeroo tree, to name a new.

Austinville Valley has regular sightings of many endangered species but has never been properly surveyed and we need your help to collect this vital data. We need huge numbers of people to be out in the field over a 24 hour period in order to collect reprisentible data and it can not be done with our scientists alone. For this reason we have engaged the public and invited them to help us survey the area while learning vital skills in serveying and obervation. Through ticket sales (only $10 per person, per survey) we are able to start covering the costs but we are still a long way off covering all the survey equipment, permits, data analysis programming, GIS mapping componants and other costs that occur when research of this magnitude is conducted.

As a not-for-profit organisation, The Gold Coast Catchment Association can assure you that our focus is on the preservation of the natural environment. Your donations will go directly into the Bioblitz survey event and will not be used for any other purpose.

Documenting and recording rare species in the Austinville Valley will help us to preserve a section of this ever-vanishin environment for their protection with all data collected being formally recorded and submitted to local councils and Government.

Our rare wildlife will be forever grateful for your support!

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