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There is no better time to heal the world than right now!!

We live in a world filled with unbearable pain. Too often this pain manifests as fear and separation. And out of that fear is born the violence, bigotry and destruction we witness on a daily basis. We seek answers, but too often we become divisive - assigning blame, taking sides and casting judgement. We look everywhere except within our own hearts.

Global Healing Collective is a unique non-profit organization working to ignite a healing revolution through a platform of events, conscious leadership, collaborative partnerships and healing collectives.

We believe that healing IS possible.

GHC’s movement incites ideas and collaboration to empower the action plans of individuals, businesses, and organizations who are motivated to make a difference.

On September 14-16, 2018 many will gather in a beautiful Colorado rocky mountain sanctuary to join forces activating solutions for change. This event will be filled with love, truth-telling, and inspiration.

WALKFEST event will embody the organization’s core value of individual, community, organizational, and planetary healing. Inspirational speakers and powerful activators along with interactive panels and experiential breakout sessions will motivate attendees to courageously speak their truth, build community, take action, and inspire sustainable change. Through the power of the ripple, we will create a unified voice that can begin to bring light to the hurting world.  

Hundreds have responded to the call - and we need many more – we invite you to join us - There is strength in numbers!!

Please contribute to this Global Initiative by choosing one of the donation levels listed.  All donations are 100% tax deductible in the U.S. and Canada.  Please click on the donation level of your choice so we can be sure to get you our inspirational products.  When you receive it, take a creative picture, and email it to in order to be entered to win one of our amazing grand prizes!!  Merchandise will be shipped on March 15th, June 15th, and September 5th. 

When you donate, you will know that you are helping to lift the level of love, healing, and opportunity on this planet for sustainable change. 

Learn more at and

Join our community and share your ideas, stories, and inspirations. 

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Love and Healing, 


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