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Let's make the Global Greens Website Much More Useful!

The Global Greens is an awesome community of Green political parties and movements in more than 90 countries around the world. We're acting locally and nationally but in today's world we have to act globally too - tackling climate change, defending democracy, and promoting Green ideas. For that we need online platforms that make global action super easy.

The Challenge

Imagine being able to see & contribute to what Green parties globally are working on right now and being able to get involved in practical projects by contributing ideas, expertise, finances or networking with the people doing these cool projects.  

Imagine it being super easy to get in contact with the right person in a Green party that you want to talk to - like the party's International Secretary, the right person to talk to at the local level, and even Coordinators of working groups, policy people, and campaigners who are doing things relevant for you!

Imagine being able to connect with Green voters who are away from home at election time because they happen to be visiting or living in another country

Imagine having a map something like this to help coordinate climate actions around the world for example

What we're doing

We're building a world map that will give you the contact information for the key people at the national and local levels of the Green party

We're upgrading the website so that it looks good and better represents who we are

We’re recruiting administrative and communications support because people are essential to support global networks and campaigns

We're working to build the new platform in stages, starting with national level information. Here's a prototype of what the map will look like:  We will need your help to fill out all the correct data for each party and to make the map beautiful, useful and enjoyable to use. 

Help make this vision a reality

The cost for stage 1 is 20,000 euros.

Building the map and beautifying the website will cost 8,000 euros. 

Having extra people in the GG Secretariat to look after networks and campaigns and answer your questions will cost 12,000 euros

Please chip in any amount to help us reach our goal. With your help we can step up our capacity for the global action today's world needs.

Thank you!

Leave your comments in the chat box below to contribute your ideas or volunteer to make the website better in other ways.

And you're always welcome to contact the Global Greens secretariat at:

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