Shark attack survivor Glenn Dickson

By Glenn Dickson fundraiser by Marayke

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Glenn Dickson, 25, lost his leg and came within 60 seconds of bleeding to death, after being attacked by a shark while on a fishing trip with mates out of Hinchinbrook island in north QLD in February 2017.

This dedicated father of three beautiful children aged under 5 fought hard to survive - to be there for the birth of his daughter 3 months later and to finally walk his loving partner Jessie-Lee down the aisle .

The Muay Thai fighter's quick-thinking friends were credited with saving his life after dragging him from the water and applying a tourniquet, contacting emergency services and getting him to shore.

WHY DONATE? Glenn was forced to give up his job as a tradesman after horrific injuries led to the amputation of his right leg . Faced with the biggest emotional and physical hurdle of his life and in a cruel blow not deemed eligible for disability support payment , Glenn has shown great determination to find a way to earn an income to support his young family.
Glenn's goal is to establish " Survivor Fitness and Kickboxing Gymn" in his home town of Mission Beach . He wants to become a personal trainer and Muay Thai boxing instructor. He is in need of financial backing to get set up with equipment and lease a premises.

Glenn is determined to be the family breadwinner. Whilst he is still rehabilitating after health set backs and further surgery , the bills continue to flow in ( rent /car payments /insurances /costs of living) . As well he faces additional costs associated with his rehabilitation.

Please rally together to show support for this strong spirited young man who is truly grateful to be alive. Glenn wants to dedicate his life to helping others who have survived traumatic life events , and contribute as a motivational speaker. He is determined to be a provider to his children by creating a job for himself managing " Survivor Fitness and Kickboxing"

All funds donated will be released to Glenn and Jessie Lee to aid his recovery journey and assist to set him up his Gymn.


Glenn and Jessie-Lee are so appreciative of the community support received they have created social media accounts where you can cheer Glenn on and follow his progress from learning to walk again , go back ton diving in the ocean and his greatest wish " to walk Jessie -lee down the aisle" . We welcome you to follow on social media


I (Marayke) am Jessie-Lee's cousin and can personally vouch for this loving young family being the most kind, caring people who really appreciate any support as they move forward through this huge and unexpected life change as they were about to welcome their little daughter Aurora Eva. This page has been set up after discussion with Glenn and Jessie- lee's friends running previous fundraisers as it does not charge a commission from donations, meaning alI funds donated will go directly to Glenn for his rehabilitation . I thank you from the botton of my heart for anything you can do. Fundraising is being organised by friends and family on Glenn's behalf so he and Jess can focus on his recovery and raising their 3 young children . Just sharing this helps spread the word and feel the love and support, if you are not in a position contribute financially. Thank you!!!

Media contact: Marayke Jonkers Ph: 0412751407

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