University of Glasgow Sri Lanka Expedition 2018

By University of Glasgow Exploration Society

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Who Are We?

We are a team of 10 UofG students, from diverse academic disciplines, all enthusiastic about environmental sciences and conservation. This summer we will be traveling to Sri Lanka and take up the challenge to advance marine and coastal research endeavors in Trincomalee. We will continue to build on the dataset collected by the Sri Lanka Expedition team of 2017, as well as launch new specialised research projects.

What Do We Want To change?

From overfishing to coral mining, to oil and plastic pollution and disturbance from invasive species, the Sri Lankan coastline endures numeral environmentally degrading and harmful activities that, not only threaten the Sri Lankan way of life, but also endanger many local species that this community depends upon. Bridging any cultural differences with a passion for the ocean, we will collaborate with the local community to improve knowledge, and develop solutions to assess and protect the quality of the natural landscape of Trincomalee bay and Pigeon Island MPA.

How Do We Plan On Doing This?

1) Through geographical, zoological and biological paradigms, we will be making quantitative assessments of the coastal and marine environment of Trincomalee Bay and Pigeon Island MPA. With five specialised research projects, we will be testing multiple hypotheses both underwater and along the shore.

2) We will be collaborating with multiple local stakeholders and pass on our scientific methods and findings to them so that these can be used in further investigations and for monitoring programmes. Additionally, in strengthening the ties between the University of Glasgow and the community of Trincomalee, we will be teaching and enthusing the youth about marine biology and conservation. With these outreach programmes, we hope to contribute to protecting the beautiful and diverse ecosystem that is the Trincomalee Bay!

How YOU Can Help!

Join us in our efforts to raise awareness of the problems and threats that the Sri Lankan marine environment faces. With the support of donations, we can purchase the equipment necessary to carry out our research projects and outreach programmes. We need support in covering the cost of lab hire, entry to the Marine Protected Area Pigeon Island, boat rides, scientific dives and scientific equipment such as waterproof cameras, quadrants, transect lines, sieves, microscopes, dive and snorkel equipment and so on. All of which will be passed onto future generations of University of Glasgow Exploration Society expedition goers.

Funds raised will not be used to to cover flights, accommodation, food, dive training or any other personal expenditures of the team members, who are each paying for these expenses themselves.

More Information?

For more information about our expedition, have a look on our blog page:

On the blog, our 'Expedition Prospectus' can be found, which contains details on our research and outreach aims, our team members, the logistics of the expedition and health and safety assessments.

To follow where we're going with all of this, please like us on Facebook: and stay tuned!

Thank you!

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Team Members

Team Sri Lanka 2018

Adriana Barnett

Andrew Matthews

Andrew Middleton

Celine Goslinga

Emelie Adenlöf

Esther Whitford

Jack Rawlinson

Jamie Crowther

Maria Day-Wilson

Priyanka Chandi