Gilbert's Motor Museum

By Strathalbyn Tourism Association Inc

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Love anything and everything automotive?

You will love the Gilbert's Motor Museum. Think motoring history, motorcycles, vintage, classic, muscle and new cars on show for all to see and enjoy in our beautiful town Strathalbyn, Adelaide Hills.

Support the Strathalbyn Community

The museum will bring people together, create a stronger community and we strive to provide more tourism to our town.

The Strathalbyn Tourism Association Inc has a solid core of people who give freely of their time to organise and participate in a variety of activities and events in the community all designed to increase tourism to the area.

Strathalbyn has long been a great destination for motoring groups, being centrally located between Adelaide, Victor Harbour, Murray Bridge and “The Bend” near Tailem Bend. It is a popular weekend venue for motoring groups in SA and has, on occasion, hosted interstate motoring groups. Using Strathalbyn as a base, motoring enthusiasts have a wide variety of sightseeing opportunities within a short distance.

Since Strathalbyn is an established motoring destination the STA decided to explore the concept of a motoring museum dedicated to showcasing the motoring history of the area. We identified Gilbert Motors as a suitable premises and are working with the Gilbert family to bring the museum concept to reality.

The historical aspect of the museum will include:

Besides focusing on Strathalbyn’s motoring history the Gilbert’s Motor Museum will devote space to motorsports history in SA. The historical aspect of the museum will include:

  • The Gilbert family’s contribution to the Strathalbyn area and their role in motoring
  • The history of the actual museum site including the Cobb & Co link
  • The past manufacturing of the Treblig bicycles and motorcycles in Strathalbyn
  • Historic motoring/dealership sites throughout Strathalbyn
  • Kenny Blake and other motorsports people from this area.

The overall goal

The overall goal of the museum will be the conservation and preservation of local motoring history. It is envisaged that the Gilbert’s Motor Museum will include:

  • Displays of veteran, vintage, classic, and custom cars, heavy vehicles and motorcycles.
  • Display of motorsports vehicles and memorabilia
  • Permanent, semi-permanent and short-term interactive displays.
  • Displays of motoring related items including engines, parts, posters and photographs.
  • Display of machinery associated with the repair and maintenance of vehicles.
  • A small library of motoring books and magazines.
  • An audio-visual area for the screening of motoring films

How your donation can support the development of the museum

The Strathalbyn Tourism Association is working towards opening the museum in late 2019 and to do so we need to raise $50,000 to prepare the building. Since the building has been used as a workshop for over 100 years we initially need to clean and seal oil stained floors and walls as well as upgrading and repainting some areas.

Some of the money we seek to raise will be used for the following purposes to ensure the museum is appealing to patrons from the first day it is open.

  • Display stands
  • Printed materials
  • Wall murals
  • Signage – both internal and external
  • Barrier system for exhibits
  • Computers/point of sale system
  • Props and information stands for exhibits
  • Shelving and furniture
  • Marketing materials

We are asking for donations from individuals, motoring groups and corporate sponsors interested in assisting us to reach our goal. In return for your sponsorship, we offer the following packages as seen under "Perks".

If you would prefer to make a donation by bank transfer/direct deposit, please see our bank account details below. Please advise by email - - when a donation is made so we can issue a receipt. Thank you.
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