Supporting Riverside House - Heritage & People

By Riverside House Community Interest Company

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Transforming Places...

Riverside House is a particularly beautiful and ecologically diverse site in the historic heart of Stourbridge. This derelict, early 19th Century, iron works, was once the largest in the UK. Over the next several years it will be transformed into a heritage centre with gardens, restaurant, crafts shop, woodland and workshops, but also a place where people feel included and bespoke opportunities are provided.

...Can Transform People

This is a perfect environment that caters for the needs of a wide range of individuals to engage in practical skills activities through the actual conservation and preservation of the Riverside House estate. Practical skills have a proven efficacy in providing outcomes such as well-being, self-esteem, social inclusivity, physical health and vocational opportunities.

We need equipment and start up costs

To make this happen we need support to purchase equipment. We need garden forks and pitch forks, sickles, buckets, building materials, strimmer’s, wheelbarrows, trolleys, work gloves, safety boots and first aid equipment. As we are going to make our tea and coffee outside so we need a rocket stove and other equipment.

Additionally, we require miscellaneous start-up costs such as staff training in first aid, manual handling, safeguarding etc. as well as insurance costs...

...stationary, ink cartridges, printer paper, an ipad with a weatherproof case for onsite evaluation, mobile phone costs, printed material-business cards, a pop up exhibition panel and leaflets… well as costs for professional work by a tree surgeon, environmental consultants and other professional input.

However, most of the money we raise we intend to go towards some places where, whilst the house is being built, our staff and clients can keep dry and warm while they are enjoying a cup of tea or some lunch as well as a place to store tools and equipment and to do some community building exercises. We are hoping to fundraise for several units similar to this, but with some extra bits to make it secure. We intend to build much of the units by ourselves:

We need your help and support to make this happen...

We are looking to raise funding for start up costs. This will also enable our clients to get the support they need as well as helping to transform the site into a heritage centre and community space.

...and when its finished, come and visit us

And when it’s all finished you will be able to appreciate this wonderful place. Enjoy the park, the wonderful food that will be on offer at the café, explore the woodlands and watch, or even participate in, traditional craft activities.

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