A Zero Carbon Australia

By Beyond Zero Emissions Inc

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Why Zero?

Most Australians now agree that we must move to 100% renewable energy and zero emissions. And we need a plan guided by science.

So much is threatened by climate change, and it's starting now.

When Sir David Attenborough says we need a 10 year plan to rescue the climate to begin right now, he knows what he is talking about.

[Source: Watch or Listen 14min BZE podcast 2010 keynote Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan Sydney launch 2010. Full script of event here]

But there’s a problem

The problem is there is not enough time for more talk about whether it's possible.

The great news is - we don't need to - Australia is among a handful of countries in the world to already have a well-researched science-based 10 year zero emissions plan showing that it's both possible and affordable - and it's ready to implement right now.

The plan is called Zero Carbon Australia

It is the work of hundreds of Australia's best and brightest engineers, planners, economists and university researchers donating their expertise over its 10 years of development.

Funded entirely by philanthropic donors and implemented by an award-winning non-government not-for-profit organisation, it's now time to put this high quality comprehensive plan in the hands of every Australian decision maker.

Together we can make it happen

  • $20 gets BZE's ZCA plan plus ZCA briefing documents onto a usb and presented to 2 Australian MP's, senators or mayors - BARGAIN!
  • $50 goes towards our new plan for zero emissions steel and cement
  • $100 goes towards a zero emissions strategy for a community near you
  • Every $5 and $10 helps us get there!

Able to do more?

  • $200 gets a local Zero Emissions media event plus the Zero Carbon Australia plan & ZCA policy presentation to 1 parliamentarian or mayor
  • $1000 gets a local Zero Emissions media event plus the Zero Carbon Australia plan & ZCA policy presentation to 10 parliamentarians or mayors and a high level roundtable policy briefing event to ensure the plan is understood
  • $5000 will buy the full Zero Carbon Australia plan series as a hardcopy set plus a full Zero Carbon Communities baseline emissions consultation and report
  • $20,000 - 40,000 will buy the full Zero Carbon Australia plan series, a Zero Carbon Communities baseline emissions consultation with a report and a complete 10 year emissions reduction strategy blueprint (Stage 2 consultation) for one local government area. Cost varies with location and complexity of operations
  • Learn More - bze.org.au & Contact us - info@bze.org.au

A vibrant zero emissions economy is possible, affordable and already being planned - now, with your help, it will be implemented.

About donating to BZE through chuffed: Agreeing to a standard terms and condition agreement is a legal requirement for donors via chuffed. If this is of concern to you please head over to bze.org.au to donate instead (Scroll down past the FDOTM researcher critters - thanks to First Dog on The Moon). You can also become a regular donor at that link. Thank you!

About us : Beyond Zero Emissions is a not-for-profit independent climate solutions think tank founded in 2006 to coordinate and author the Zero Carbon Australia series - the detailed 10-year roadmaps for a rapid transition to zero emissions across every part of the Australian economy.

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Do you have a PERK to share with new ZCA donors and supporters? It will be gratefully received and promoted via BZE - so get in touch -via jodie.green@bze.org.au


A delightful PERK - Send us an email to get a $4 discount on any ticket type and to go in the draw for one of two double passes (value is up to $50) to Creating a Climate for Change show tickets for Thursday August 11th.

Thanks to the Melbourne Playback Theatre Company team.

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